Consolidated Communications provides access to State and Federal tariffs, price lists and related regulatory information.

Regulatory graphicDepartmental Overview

The Regulatory/Industry Affairs group is responsible for federal and state regulatory relations, public policy development, legislative advocacy and intercompany affairs. Regulatory responsibilities include relations with the Federal Communications Commission, Illinois Commerce Commission, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Public Utility Commission of Texas, California Public Utilities Commission, Kansas Corporation Commission, Missouri Public Service Commission, and other regulatory authorities. We manage all state and federal tariff matters in addition to service cost development, regulatory reporting and compliance. We also manage state and federal legislative and public policy development and advocacy, trade association representation and related legal matters.

Industry Affairs' responsibilities include interconnection, carrier and affiliate contract management and administration as well as access management.
The group manages relations with other telephone companies,
interexchange carriers, CLECs (competitive LECs), resellers, wireless carriers, municipalities, and 911 government agencies. Other responsibilities include intercompany billing settlements, and enterprise 911 coordination.

Regulatory Compliance responsibilities include state and federal tariff development and maintenance, annual interstate tariff filing development and submission, federal and state compliance reporting for both regulated and deregulated entities, separations and regulatory access costing, as well as universal service and settlements report development and filing. The group is also responsible for economic cost development for new products, ICBs (individual case basis pricing), interconnection, economic cost modeling for telephony and data network components, and tariff filing support. Because of the combination of rate development (interstate) and cost development functions, the group is used in marketing, sales, and product management support efforts. The group also manages state and federal earnings analyses, federal revenue reporting (Form 499), lifeline reporting, payphone reporting, municipal right of way line count reporting, affiliate transactions reports, cost allocation manual reports, and FCC/PUC complaint response. The group also has the company responsibility for interpretation of tariffs and a myriad of FCC and PUC rules.

Regulatory/Legislative Policy responsibilities include direct contract with state and federal regulatory agencies, legislative bodies and trade organizations to advocate policies, rules and laws favorable to CCI's interests. We also support internal customers with regulatory and legislative interpretations, research and analysis.