Secure & Dependable Communication Services

For over 25 years, Consolidated Public Services has provided telecommunications solutions to correctional institutions bringing the best technology and support in the industry.

Consolidated Public Services


Consolidated Public Services is a single, coordinated source for providing the communication backbone for county and state correctional institutions.

We customize a call processing system to meet your needs, including

     • Collect, Prepaid and Debit
     • Fraud Protection
     • Call and Timing Restrictions
     • Call Monitoring and Recording
     • Personal Identification Numbers

Since 1984, Consolidated Public Services (CPS) has provided
telecommunications solutions that give correctional institutions the best technology and dedicated support in the industry while maintaining inmate and family morale with reliable phone service.

Core Values

As a premier provider of communications services, our purpose is to connect people and enrich lives. All our actions are premised on our company values, which we believe to be essential and enduring convictions: integrity, service, relationships, pride and people.

We have a continuing commitment to offer innovative products; reliable, high-quality services and exceptional customer care. We also are dedicated to maintaining strong local ties to our rural communities.

Contact us today to learn more about Consolidated's commitment to our communities and our customers.

Family of Companies

CPS is part of Consolidated Communications, a family of companies founded more than a century ago. Today, Consolidated is commited to bringing advanced communications services to residences and businesses over its IP-based network, including local and long distance telephone, IP-based digital TV, high-speed Internet, Phone service, and much more.