Inmate Phone Services

Our Inmate Services provide correctional institutions with flexible and fully-automated inmate telephone services. Inmates stay in touch with family and friends while we keep cost affordable.

Our call processing system provides:

     • Call Blocking and Screening
     • Called Number Validation
     • Fraud and Nuisance Prevention
     • Collect, Prepaid and Debit Calls

And much more! Contact a sales representative today for a complete listing.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is dedicated to providing a full range of support, including:

      • Handling incoming and outgoing calls
      • Managing fraud control
      • Assisting with budget management and payment plans
      • Generating notification letters to call recipients
      • Answering questions from counselors, officers, wardens, friends and family members of the inmates

Our Team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are focused on just one thing - providing superior support.

Personalized Billing System

Our dedicated, experienced billing systems team is focused exclusively on inmate services billing. The team makes every effort to ensure that inmates' friends and families can receive calls.

Field Support

Our Field Support team is comprised of dedicated and experienced in-house technicians who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team is proactive, conducting daily and weekly site visits, along with remote diagnostic testing, to identify any equipment and systems issues. Our team is also responsible for on-site PIN administration, inmate calling assistance and system training.

Call Processing

Our on-site call processing equipment is available to smaller facilities, giving them access to technologies typically used by much larger facilities, including recording, monitoring, PIN administration, call record searches and reports.

Central Office Technology

We use a DS1-based dedicated network to prevent access to the public switch network, as well as to provide call restriction, branding, PIN, fraud and three-way calling control. Our central office solution provides multiple automated positions, channel banks and dual database servers for redundancy, along with on-site workstations with features that include recording, monitoring, PIN administration and call record searches.