Social Responsibility

Political Support & Transparency

Rapid changes in policy require Consolidated Communications to assert its voice to continually inform and educate lawmakers on issues affecting all stakeholders and, most importantly, the needs of our customers. While we are members of various trade organizations that advocate on our behalf, at times our position on an issue may differ from that of other members.

As such, the Consolidated Communications Political Action Committee (PAC) allows us to engage with policy makers at the federal and state levels to share our stories, voice our opinions and advocate for our customers on critical issues. The PAC is solely funded through voluntary contributions by employees, made in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and is a meaningful way for Consolidated Communications employees to engage in the political process.


Net Neutrality Statement

Consolidated Communications is committed to protecting its customers’ privacy and will not block or degrade service to any internet locations. Our customers will continue to have unfettered access to all legal internet content just as we have always provided. Customers can read about our internet polices on where we will continue to disclose our network practices.

Data Usage

Many Internet providers enforce monthly data restrictions.   When a data cap is in place, a provider can charge for the extra data you use beyond a certain amount in any given month. Consolidated does not charge additional fees for data usage or overage because we never cap customers’ internet data usage. We want our customers to fully experience the Internet and that’s why we don’t limit their data.