What to Outsource and Why- Consolidated Communications

Outsourcing Tips

Sure, you can hire people to provide tech support, but those positions tend to turn over every few years, and training new arrivals can take months. And new people bring their own approaches, which can turn your system into a patchwork. Tactical outsourcing, on the other hand, can provide continuity and eliminate that new-hire learning curve while supporting your strategic plans.

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“Unfogging” the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is a big decision. It will change the way you operate, but because IT is changing—technology is becoming more user-driven—that may happen anyway. The good news is that the cloud lets IT outsource some of the least strategic aspects of their operations and focus on those that are most unique to the company, making IT (and IT staff) more valuable corporate resources.

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Network Management: What Utilization Numbers Really Mean

It’s a fairly common scenario: users complain that the system is responding slowly; the network engineer checks port utilization stats, sees that during the busiest parts of the day the network port is at 50 percent utilization, and can’t understand what users are complaining about. In fact, there may actually be a network management problem that is being hidden by the granularity of the report.

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