8 Ways to Keep Your Digital Data Safe

Technology is constantly evolving. As you actively use technology for productive and social pursuits, you’re creating a pool of digital data about many areas of your life.

To protect your privacy, you should keep in mind that some people want to steal your information. These criminals prey on the ill prepared, which means that you need to be proactive to keep your digital data safe. Here are 8 tips to keep your digital data safe…

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Trends in Business Security

The Need for Information Security and How This Ties to Cloud Initiatives

As we are moving to the cloud, hosted and other managed services, we have to think about how security pertains to that. If you think back five years or even a little longer, security was a firewall because we sent email back and forth and we had to understand who was sending us what and if it was malicious. Now, with mobile devices and other technologies, the attack mechanisms have grown ten-fold.

Read further to learn more about trends in business security. This information came from an article by David Lichtman, the publisher of the Sacramento Business Journal who sat down to talk with Darren Peterson, vice president of product marketing at Consolidated Communications.

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Are Costs and Security Fair Considerations in Cloud Computing?

Meet Clyde Ludd of XYZ Manufacturing based in the upper Midwest. Clyde manages technology operations at the plant, which is one of the few remaining facilities in the world where cassette tapes are built and distributed.
Unlike all other area manufacturers who have long outsourced their power needs to the large energy companies, XYZ Manufacturing runs a group of 24 generators wired in a custom-built grid that can tolerate up to four simultaneous generator failures. A large gas barrel is positioned at each corner of the generator array, with twice-daily refills trucked in from the local gas company.
“My business is simply too important to trust to some far-off electrical company that shares its infrastructure with thousands of other users,” Clyde says angrily when asked about his unique setup. “What can they do if their power fails? Nothing.  But I stay up and running.  If a generator goes out, I just run to the store and get another one.”
Ludd has the same philosophy about the newly-popular Cloud Computing concept, in which onsite servers are replaced with computing power in remote data centers. “That’s just dumb!” he laughs. “I’ve got everything I need on this thumb drive here in my desk,” he says, motioning at an empty drawer that he opens and shuts while speaking. Behind him, two dusty computers are running on a steel table. “I have a guy that comes in every week to apply patches and to ensure that everything is okay. I think it’s almost time to add another computer, but we can’t figure out how to get Windows Server 2012 to interoperate with the Windows 98 systems that I’m already running here.”

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PCI Compliance: It's Just Business

With constantly changing technology and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, how can your company maintain PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance? The latest version of the standard, Version 3.0, may make it easier by helping your organization make payment security “business as usual.”

The key message behind the changes is that meeting the PCI requirements shouldn’t be a once a year kind of thing. Rather, security monitoring, corrective action and reviews should be integrated into everyday business processes. 

Here’s what you need to know to start making that happen...
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Data Security in a Post-Target World

Asked why he robbed banks, Willie “The Actor” Sutton is reputed to have said “Because that’s where the money is.” The same logic may explain why hackers went after heavily protected customer data at Target: big challenge, big prize! In retrospect, Target’s logo now seems to have been the bull's-eye thieves went after looking for a monumental payday, but you don’t have to have tens of millions of customers’ credit cards and personal data to become the next ”target.” Here at Consolidated Communications we see lots of customers, both large and small, who face the same kind of risk. The asset can be company data, customer data, protected medical information, or third party information of all kinds. And the attack can occur via an in-house computer, the network, an unencrypted laptop, a phone or tablet, or even a customer device. We’ve seen attackers talk employees into giving out sensitive passwords and a penetration tester, who showed up dressed as a power company representative, was escorted into the computer room, and walked out with one of the company’s servers. Data security has never been more important than it is now, nor has it ever been harder to maintain. When your data storage is provided by Enventis, we work tirelessly to secure your data and prevent any telecommunication mishaps. 

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