5 Tips for Keeping Electronic Devices Safe

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android fan, Mac or PC user, we all share the same fear: Our beloved devices will get damaged, and we’ll have to start over without our pictures, music, bookmarks, and documents. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

5 tips to help you avoid some of the biggest issues...

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The Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Technology This Fall

While scores of people organize homes, garages, and calendars, few think to apply this mindset to technology. Fall is a great time to organize, store, and validate the files, data, personal information, contacts, online activity, and social media presence on your devices.

Get the top 5 tips on organizing your technology...

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Does Your Mobile Device Need Internet Security?

Just like desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are not immune to malware, viruses, and other Internet security threats.

What threats are dangerous and what can you do to keep your device protected?...

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How to Keep Social Media Safe for Your Kids

Social media is a fantastic way for your children to keep in touch with friends, and even do something productive. However, there is a negative side to social media that can prove to be very, very dangerous.

Read further to get tips on keeping your kids safe on social media...

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8 Ways to Keep Your Digital Data Safe

Technology is constantly evolving. As you actively use technology for productive and social pursuits, you’re creating a pool of digital data about many areas of your life.

To protect your privacy, you should keep in mind that some people want to steal your information. These criminals prey on the ill prepared, which means that you need to be proactive to keep your digital data safe. Here are 8 tips to keep your digital data safe…

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