How to Ensure Facebook Isn't Pulling your Call Data

In recent reports published through an investigation led by ARS, it was found that Facebook has been gathering call and text histories from its users. In other words, Facebook was able to collect records of who its users were contacting and when they were doing it. Reports specifically assert that Facebook gathers phone and message metadata from Android phones.

Though some reports cite that Facebook's actions were restricted to Android phones, Apple users should know that though app permissions typically offer more privacy protection, they should also take measures to protect their call data.

Facebook publicly admitted that they upload call and text logs from personal cellular devices which ran on Google's Android system. Through their public admission, Facebook proclaimed this access was limited to users who gave appropriate permission.


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How Social Media Accounts Get Hacked

With the widespread use of social accounts, many victims will fall prey to scammers and hackers who gain access with malicious intent. Social media users have become accustomed to not only posting personal information on social media accounts, but some also use integrated features to conduct financial transactions.

The plethora of data available on social media accounts is attractive to hackers and scammers for a variety of reasons. The University of Phoenix report that 2/3 of all U.S. adults with social media accounts have already been hacked.

Why – and how – do social media accounts get hacked? Here are a few explanations.

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Monitoring Screen Time for Your Kids











The time kids spend staring at screens can be cause for concern, and many parents, childcare professionals, researchers, teachers, and pediatricians are beginning to take notice. Even large shareholders for Apple are insisting that the tech company develop ways to deter the habits of screen-addicted youths.

According to studies, kids between the ages of one and eighteen look at screens between two and seven hours a day. Adolescents are engrossed with screens the most, spending nearly seven hours per day staring at a screen. And infants and toddlers now look at screens more than they ever have before, and nearly one in four has a television in their room.

Continue reading to discover how to best monitor screen time for your kids.

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How to Optimize Your Bandwidth










The broadband internet industry brings extraordinary opportunities to businesses and individuals. It’s created a multitude of jobs, connected countries, and contributed around $1 trillion to the U.S. economy. With its exponential growth over the past decades, this industry has been able to improve its services, including bandwidth capabilities.

However, bottlenecks do still occur thanks to the estimated 22 percent internet growth per year. Bottlenecks are also due to ever-increasing mobile phone usage, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), unoptimized data and data flows, and an infrastructure that’s continually being updated to keep up with evolving technology and consumer demands.

There are simple ways you can optimize your bandwidth at home to help alleviate some of those bottlenecks.

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Why You Should Disable Your Webcam and How to Do It











In today’s technological world, personal privacy is not only a hot topic for everyone, it is a legitimate concern. Whether you own a tablet, cell phone, laptop, webcam, or any mobile device that contains a camera, you need to know how to protect yourself from those who want to take advantage of you—or worse. Learn about the potential webcam threats.

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