Top Tech Gifts for Mother's Day (Mom Approved!)

Mother’s Day is your biggest opportunity to celebrate your mom. Picking out just the right gift can be daunting, especially if you are looking for something that is both useful and enjoyable.  This year, there are a few tech gifts that will be sure to make her smile—and be put to good use...

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Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer – And Save Money!

You don’t have to water your lawn manually in the scorching heat of the summer. Water sprinklers can do that for you. Deciding when, and how much water to use – these are programmed into water sprinkler controllers.

But now, your job got even easier. There are several new gadgets that control irrigation systems that have been produced over the past few years, helping users water per the weather conditions of the day. Check out these new gadgets...

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

Your computer could use a dusting right along with your home as we come into spring. If your PC is slow, these tips will surely help improve its performance. If there are no issues, these must-do maintenance activities will ensure that it remains that way.

Tips to keep your PC clean...

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Internet Pop-ups: What are They, and How Do I Stop Them?

In the world of cutting edge digital marketing trends where every business is trying to carve its niche in the market by enhancing its online presence, it is us, the consumers who get to witness the various marketing antics while we are trying to steal some peaceful and liberating time on the Internet. For instance, in the middle of our search for some serious information or a fun video on the World Wide Web we come across a series of pop-up ads that not only break the continuity of our viewing, but also waste a lot of our precious time in getting rid of them. So what exactly are these Internet pop-ups that keep showing up on the various websites? Have a look...

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Home Automation Trends

Gadgets that are décor-friendly

Not very long ago, the doorbell’s chime was perhaps the only visible home automation device. It was visible because it stood out. As the number of devices increased, however, it has become necessary for them to “blend in,” since interior aesthetics are of prime importance.

That’s why today’s gadgets come in a variety of shapes and styles for you to choose from. In fact, they look like anything but gadgets...

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