10 Fun and Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

As students, teachers, and parents fall into a rhythm of homeschooling and distance learning, children may be starting to complete their assignments more quickly and with less parental guidance. This is good news, as it means they may have more free time. It might also mean you’re looking for activities to keep them busy while you work remotely or scramble to get chores done around the house.   

If you and your kids already have a handle on mandated lesson plans, you may be looking for fun and enriching videos that will get them away from video games or mindless entertainment for a little while.

Using your Consolidated Communications wireless Internet connection and any mobile device, computer, or internet-connected smart TV, your kids can tune into these fun and educational YouTube shows.

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5 Tips to Host a Successful Video Call

In this era of social distancing, more people are using video not just for remote work but to stay in touch with friends and family. However, those unfamiliar with video conferencing and video chat apps may have issues with everything from slow internet speed to spotty audio when using a wireless internet connection.

How can you present yourself as a professional during a video conference — or even just minimize stress during a virtual family chat? Read more...

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6 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Our country’s broadband Internet bandwidth is being stretched to its limit, often leading to slower-than-expected Internet speed. There are many ways you can strengthen your wireless internet connection for a speed boost, including moving your router or turning off appliances that may interfere with Internet speed.

But if you’re running a slow PC or laptop, that’s probably not helping your efforts, either. Satisfy your need for speed by following these six steps to speed up your Windows-based computer.  Read more...

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Consolidated Communications Cable Offers Extra Channels Free for a Limited Time

Whether you’re trying to keep little kids busy and entertained while you work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, or you want some engaging shows to watch while you unwind, many cable channels are offering free trials of their programming.

That means even if you only have a basic cable subscription through Consolidated Communications, you may be able to tune in to some great new shows or even movies you didn’t get to see in theaters.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find an alphabetical list of all the channels. We’ve also broken it down for easy reference by highlighting some of the best channels in a variety of categories. Plus, see our team’s recommendations for some of the top shows to catch on cable TV.

Watch while you can because many of these channels will only be available to basic subscribers through April or the end of May at the latest. After that, you may have to upgrade your package to continue watching your favorites. Read more...

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Best Games You Can Play Remotely with Far-Flung Family and Friends

During the pandemic and resulting quarantine or self-isolation measures, many families have been able to enjoy the luxury of family game night. It’s great to break out the Monopoly board or challenge each other to a Jenga tournament. But sometimes, we need a break from our immediate family.

Playing online games helps you connect with distant friends and family members, whether they live next door or across the country. For many of us, contact with people outside our homes is exactly what we crave right now.

What are the best games you can play using nothing but your Consolidated Communications Wifi connection and a computer or mobile device of your choice?  Read more...

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