Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer – And Save Money!

You don’t have to water your lawn manually in the scorching heat of the summer. Water sprinklers can do that for you. Deciding when, and how much water to use – these are programmed into water sprinkler controllers.

But now, your job got even easier. There are several new gadgets that control irrigation systems that have been produced over the past few years, helping users water per the weather conditions of the day. Check out these new gadgets...

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

Your computer could use a dusting right along with your home as we come into spring. If your PC is slow, these tips will surely help improve its performance. If there are no issues, these must-do maintenance activities will ensure that it remains that way.

Tips to keep your PC clean...

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4K TVs – All You Need to Know

TV technology has really evolved in the past few years. One of the newest TV technologies to hit the market is 4K. Of course, 4K has been making news headlines for quite some time. However, back then, it was something aimed at the early adopters and the well-to-do.

Now, 4K has entered the realm of the mainstream and that’s excellent news for the rest of us. In fact, 4K is now the official standard.

Naturally, our curiosity about this amazing new technology has peaked and that’s why we decided to create this mini-guide of sorts to help you figure out what 4K is all about. Take a look...

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Phishing Scams Beware!

The word ‘phishing’ refers to the process of sending out emails to people, pretending to be from reputable companies. Most of them carry a link, that when clicked, takes the user to a page that the phishers themselves have created. This looks very much like the original (the official webpage of the company that the email purports itself to be from), so there is very little suspicion in the minds of those who have clicked on the link in the email. The page then captures sensitive user data, such as credit card numbers and/or bank account numbers and passwords, which the phishers then use to their advantage.

Continue reading for helpful tips to avoid becoming a victim...

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