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LAN: Local Area Network

The local area network, or LAN, is the foundation for every computing environment. The LAN can be a serious investment, and designing and implementing it correctly is a challenge. This is especially true now that most companies want to leverage their network for multi-service applications (voice + video + storage + data). Consolidated Communications helps our customers with serious experience and expertise for all segments of the network lifecycle.
Wireless LANs using WiFi are a necessary and very productive component of campus networks. Ensuring that your WiFi system is secure and performs correctly can be complicated. Consolidated Communications designs and implements secure WiFi networks that make sense for administrators and users.

WAN: Wide Area Network

Connecting your sites over a wide area network, or WAN, is a process filled with choices. Selecting WAN technologies, protocols and service providers can lock you into a way of doing things that can limit performance and flexibility. Leveraging the WAN investment for productivity and cost are essential. Because Consolidated Communications is both a network integrator and a service provider, we can help your company design the best overall system for multi-site connectivity no matter which carriers you use.

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Professional Services

CCI provides a comprehensive set of professional services to help you get more out of a current investment or evaluate a new solution:

Managed Services Solutions

Consolidated Communications provides a variety of proactive service options to monitor, support, and fully manage data center, collaboration, enterprise network, and security environments.

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