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Robust and flexible data connectivity

Allow your employees and guests to connect wirelessly to your internal network while maintaining security and control. Consolidated Communications uses Cisco wireless products to provide the highest level of security, performance and access control.
There are several benefits associated with deploying a Wireless solution:
  • The ability to provide ubiquitous coverage for mobile users in any environment
  • Provide connectivity for areas which are difficult or expensive to provide traditional wired Ethernet connectivity
  • Allow for secure guest access
  • Track equipment and personnel, enhancing workflow processing and inventory management
  • Provide the foundation for seamless mobility, anytime anyplace availability, and location and context aware applications
  • Provide outdoor wireless access for public and/or local municipality’s access
  • Support for Cisco wireless VoIP phones
  • Support for Quality of Service (QoS)

Real-time location services

Real time tracking of your company assets will improve your processes and your bottom line. Consolidated Communications can develop an asset tracking solution utilizing real time location service (RTLS) by deploying active RFID tags and sensors in your environment.

Wireless site survey

Consolidated Communications can assess existing or new infrastructures with the latest software and hardware technologies to develop a complete site readiness survey for wireless connectivity and Voice-over-WLAN deployments. After your system has been deployed, Consolidated Communications can verify connectivity by performing a post-site survey.

Network Technologies




Professional Services

CCI provides a comprehensive set of professional services to help you get more out of a current investment or evaluate a new solution:

Managed Services Solutions

Consolidated Communications provides a variety of proactive service options to monitor, support, and fully manage data center, collaboration, enterprise network, and security environments.

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