IT Services

Advisory Services

Organizations are continually bombarded with new ideas on how to best adapt the newest and best technology to meet their current business needs. Consolidated Communications Advisory Services is a collaborative relationship that is built between Consolidated Communications and the client; where experience, knowledge and responsibility are shared. The objective is to provide the client with results that will align technology with business objectives.

As businesses are looking for new ways to leverage IT for growth, the experience and knowledge of the Consolidated Communications team provides clients with innovative and creative approaches to IT development and support. The Consolidated Communications team provides expertise in the areas of Data Center, Unified Communications and Network & Security; and can apply that knowledge to provide guidance when introducing initiatives such as virtualization, presence and security.

Consolidated Communications understands the technical risks and support concerns associated with business growth, and will work with the client to understand the business and its’ IT initiatives. A partnership with Consolidated Communications means that the client can be confident that their technology investments are the correct ones. Consolidated Communications will provide the necessary training, advice and recommendations so IT organizations can manage and grow their IT capabilities in a scalable and cost-effective manner.


Professional Services

CCI provides a comprehensive set of professional services to help you get more out of a current investment or evaluate a new solution:

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