Consolidated Communications Cloud Compute: a Reliable, Scalable and Proven Solution

Imagine accessing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as you need it. In the past, your only option was building out expensive storage and server infrastructure. Now with Consolidated Communications Cloud Compute you can provision dedicated and secure resources on demand with highly available and scalable hosting environments.

Cloud Computing Services

Be Agile & More Responsive

Respond to changes and growth in your organization. You can always rely on the flexibility Consolidated Communications offers when you add or modify capacity to give you exactly what you need.

Access More for Less

Host your IT systems in Consolidated Communications’ highly available computing environment, reducing your investment on servers, storage, data center space and network equipment. With the cloud, you pay for the resources you consume without the large upfront capital expenditures.

Protect Data & Ensure Compliance

Consolidated Communications provides a dedicated and secure environment for applications and data, and ensures compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI. Consolidated Communications keeps your business safe no matter the situation.

Let Us Manage the Environment

As your partner, Consolidated Communications provides complete support which allows you to focus on your applications and data instead of the environment it sits on. You can trust Consolidated Communications’ proven expertise to deliver your ultimate solution.

Consolidated Communications is Your Proven Partner for Cloud Services

Consolidated Communications Cloud Compute resides in enterprise-class, geographically diverse data centers, and is architected with advanced technology at the network, compute and storage levels. Industry-leading virtualization technologies deployed on Cisco’s Unified Computing System™ (UCS) offer maximum security and availability.

Migrate to the Cloud with Ease

Consolidated Communications has the expertise and knowledge to simplify your migration to the cloud.



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