Microsoft SharePoint delivers remote and on-site collaboration capabilities that enable business professionals to share documents and meet corporate goals. Based on a familiar Microsoft Office experience that employees can easily navigate, Microsoft SharePoint is the go-to tool for document management and document collaboration for small and medium-sized businesses. Microsoft SharePoint allows your team to manage documents and share ideas, expertise and vital business analytics from multiple devices, including PCs, browsers, smartphones or tablets. Plus, Microsoft SharePoint supports intranet, extranet and web applications through a single integrated platform that employees can reach from the workplace, on-the-go or while working from home. Microsoft SharePoint’s accessibility ensures business needs and solutions are met with a quicker response and efficient, team-based collaboration. With all the robust features and functionality Microsoft SharePoint can deliver the best way to fully adopt and maintain is by leveraging a Hosted SharePoint solution from Consolidated Communications, Inc. CCI.


Benefits of a Hosted SharePoint solution from Consolidated Communications

Lower and More Predictable Costs

Choosing CCIs Hosted SharePoint solution means that most, if not all of the necessary technical know-how required to manage infrastructure is supplied by Consolidated Communications. IT administrators can save money not only on equipment expenditures, but also on advanced IT expertise.

CCIs Hosted SharePoint solution also has more predictable costs, because the hosting service contract specifies a fixed cost per seat over the lifetime of the agreement.


Improved Productivity and Utilization of IT resources

SharePoint collaboration tools have become indispensable fixtures in the modern workplace but managing SharePoint infrastructure does not create competitive advantage alone.

Retaining skilled and talented IT staff is costly and time-consuming. Most companies are better served by allocating these valuable resources to other technology initiatives which contribute directly to competitive advantage. Additionally, maintaining SharePoint is not a satisfying challenge for many IT professionals. Staff assigned to these tasks are often motivated to look for more challenging and meaningful opportunities.

Access to CCI Technical Expertise

SharePoint is a complex platform that requires expertise with both server software as well as the supporting computing and network hardware, plus any additional software to be integrated. Rely on CCIs qualified IT staff to ensure ongoing development and support.