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Small Business Bundles
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Small Business Internet and Phone Bundles

Get the best deal in Fargo when you combine Internet and Phone service from Consolidated.




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Up to 20 Mbps Internet with no data cap
Voice Phone Lines with business-class calling features and 150 minutes long distance

Get Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps!



Small Business Bundle Details

Consolidated Communications' advanced network brings best-in-class small business services to your work location.

Small Business Bundle Package Includes:

  • 20 Mbps High-Speed Internet (up to 100 Mbps Internet available*)
  • Includes two voice lines both with 150 long distance minutes
  • Access voicemail through your phone, email or directly from the web portal
  • Web portal access to manage individual user telephone numbers, calling features, voicemail and more
  • No data cap
  • 24/7 technical support


Call to Order: 844.YOUR.CCI


Small Business Service Coverage


Your Fargo, ND Small Business Provider

You can be sure you're covered with Fargo's best small business service in the following areas:

  • Fargo
  • West Fargo
  • Moorhead


Small Business Service Customer Support


Customer Service in Fargo

Have questions? Call our Fargo office to get the answers, upgrade your small business Internet service, or pay your bill.

3312 42nd St S, Ste 100
Fargo, ND 58104
Mon-Fri: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm (CST)
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*Limited-time offer applies to new business customers who subscribe to Internet and phone service with a 3-year term commitment. After promotional period, standard rates apply. Early termination fees apply. Services and base rates subject to change during the term. Other terms, conditions, taxes and additional charges may apply. Other packages and service options are available upon request. Speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Actual Internet speeds vary based on many factors and Internet service may not be available in all locations. Speeds advertised are for a wired connection and for one device. You can connect multiple devices at once but speeds may vary per connected device based on the number of devices being used, device limitations and if the device is connected by a wired connection or wireless connection. Wireless speeds will vary. Actual throughput is dependent upon the ability of customer premise equipment (routers, switches, hubs, NIC cards, wireless networks, etc.) to pass appropriate speeds. We do not cap Internet usage but do have limitations on how the Internet is used. To view our Internet policy, please see Acceptable Use Policy. Any promotional rate and/or other special service offer benefits will cease if customer does not timely pay all amounts due; prices will then revert to standard undiscounted levels. Long distance calling, where applicable, includes direct-dialed calls to the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands and CNMI. International calls and calling card calls are not included. EQUIPMENT RETURN: All Consolidated-supplied equipment must be returned on termination of service, or an equipment charge will be assessed to the account. Charge varies by equipment. TAXES, SURCHARGES AND ADDITIONAL FEES: All stated prices are exclusive of applicable taxes, surcharges, and fees, including universal service or other public policy support charges, each of which is also payable by the customer. They can vary by jurisdiction and by the customer’s own service choices; therefore, the total amount of such charges cannot be identified in advance.