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Security Matters. 

Understanding Your Business' Cyber Threat Risk

At Consolidated Communication we'd contend that your business can't afford NOT to have a clear view of the risks and threats that may very likely impact the the health of their network. Research shows that 86% of organizations don't feel they have the ability to effectively mitigate security vulnerabilities.  Are you one of them or do you need more information to have confidence in your network strength?


Join us for a Security-focused discussion on how to prevent threats within your organization. 


During this webinar you'll learn more about the following:

  • Understanding Security Risk Management 
  • Understanding potential security threats and the potential impact on your business.
  • How to assess your business' security risk with a Security Lifecycle Review (SLR).
  • Understanding the next-generation security solution benefits of Cloud Secure.

About the Presenters:
Craig Pabich, Security Solution Product Manager with Consolidated Communications will provide an update to the current security landscape and an introduction to how Consolidated Communications is offering a complimentary security assessment that shows how to better address threat concerns with by understanding your areas of vulnerability.

Leon Balarin, Technical Solutions Architect with Arrow Electronics Inc. will address the latest Security concerns and the unique advantages organizations can see by deploying the Cloud Secure solution powered by Palo Alto Networks.