Harrisville, connect to 1 Gig Internet starting this December!

Consolidated is delivering fiber Internet to Harrisville and we’re excited to show you our progress. Super-fast speeds with a more reliable connection, at even more affordable prices.

COMPLETE 1: Phase 1
Pre-construction Planning

Phase 3:

Phase 4:

Phase 5:

Phase 6:
Ready for Sale


This is BIG! Learn more about what you can expect in your community as we’re building the network. You can also complete the form on this page to sign up for updates on our progress. We’ll keep you in the know so you can be among the first to have your new fiber Internet service installed.

The Fiber Life is fantastic

Handles more devices and more data at consistently higher speeds
Always-on access that doesn't "throttle" traffic during peak times of the day
More uptime - not as prone to outages as cable
Better streaming experiences for working, learning or gaming at home
Dedicated fiber connection, so you don't have to share bandwidth with the neighbors


See where you'll be connecting to blazing fast Gig Internet in Harrisville this December

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Harrisville, NH Residential Fiber Internet Service Plans

All plans include:

No data cap
FREE professional installation
30-day money-back guarantee
Wireless router included
No hidden fees

50 Mbps
Download: up to 50 Mbps / Upload: up to 50 Mbps

  • Great for browsing the Internet, shopping online, sending emails and gaming
  • Stream your favorite movies, shows, videos and music
  • Download apps and keep up with all your social media and online shopping
  • 10 email addresses and 1 Gig storage per email
  • Supports 3 - 4 devices at one time


  • Two-year promotional Internet service: $49.89/mo.
  • Network Care Plus Wireless Router: $11.99/mo.
  • Broadband Cost Recovery Fee: $2.97/mo.
  • Infrastructure Fee: $8.30/mo.

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100 Mbps
Download: up to 100 Mbps / Upload: up to 100 Mbps

  • Everything you can do with 50 Mbps service, plus:
  • Work or learn from home more efficiently
  • Perfect for online learning and interacting with teachers or colleagues
  • Stream 4K content, play online games, load and download large files
  • Connect with friends and family seamlessly using video apps
  • Supports 4 - 5 devices at one time


  • Two-year promotional Internet service: $62.00/mo.
  • Network Care Plus Wireless Router: $11.99/mo.
  • Broadband Cost Recovery Fee: $2.97/mo.
  • Infrastructure Fee: $8.30/mo.

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Download: up to 1 Gig / Upload: up to 1 Gig

  • Everything you can do with 100 Mbps service, plus:
  • Designed for the ultimate, connected smart home
  • Working and learning from home made easy and seamless
  • Better streaming TV experience
  • Easily download large files without buffering or delay
  • Supports 5+ devices at one time


  • Two-year promotional Internet service: $74.55/mo.
  • Network Care Plus Wireless Router: $11.99/mo.
  • Broadband Cost Recovery Fee: $2.97/mo.
  • Infrastructure Fee: $8.30/mo.

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Here's how we're bringing fiber Internet to Harrisville

As we build the fiber network in your area, we'll show you where we are in the process. Read below to learn what you can expect at each phase in our process. Be sure to sign up for updates using the form on this page so you can be among the first to pre-order and get state-of-the-art fiber Internet service.

Phase 1: Pre-construction Planning

As we prepare your area for construction, you'll see Consolidated technicians and implementation teams in your neighborhood. We'll be placing markers and signs where construction will take place, being mindful of local utility lines. We'll also inspect poles to ensure they are structurally sound, since we'll utilize existing electrical poles to hang our fiber lines, in addition to burying them underground.

Phase 2: Fiber Construction

Consolidated will begin construction to connect homes and businesses with fiber Internet service up to 1 Gig. The network backbone is already in place, and we’ll be working on the last stretch of fiber that connects homes and businesses to the network.

Following the plan developed by our engineering team, we will begin to use special equipment to hang the fiber lines on existing electrical poles or dig trenches to lay the pipes that encase the fiber. We'll also be installing fiber distribution cabinets mounted to existing poles. Customers will have individual fiber cables going from their homes to the hubs where they are connected. Give a wave if you see one of our specialized trucks or other equipment as we continue our work.

Phase 3: Splicing

Although you may already have seen fiber hanging from poles or in the ground, there is still much work to do. We will begin to connect the new fiber we will have laid to the fiber backbone, which will give customers access to the network - it takes sophisticated technology and precision to connect all the fiber strands together. This phase will also include installing electronics needed to run the overall network, and can be as time-consuming as the first two phases.

Phase 4: Testing

When implementing new construction of a fiber network, extensive testing is done to make sure every leg of the network is working properly, including the back-office infrastructure at Consolidated. When the testing is complete, we'll be ready for you to order your faster, more reliable fiber Internet service.

Phase 5: Pre-order

In just a few short weeks, we'll be ready to start installing service. We're just putting the finishing touches in place so customers may receive their amazing new fiber Internet service. We also organize our installation crews so we can quickly install as many customers as possible once everything is ready. While we iron out last-minute details, you'll be able to pre-order new service at your location. We'll contact you as soon as we're ready to schedule your installation!

Phase 6: Ready for Sale

Residents and businesses can now order new fiber Internet service! If you have pre-ordered service, we will contact you to schedule a FREE professional installation.

On your installation date, we will add a junction box on the outside of the building and run any fiber needed to connection points inside the location. Once complete, we'll install your fiber modem and connect you to the Internet.

Before we leave:

  • We'll test your connection
  • We'll help you connect one of your devices to the Internet
  • We'll show you how to access the modem's wireless network

We are following the guidelines of public health agencies and recommending numerous preventative measures to our employees so that both our customers and everyone performing installation work remain safe and healthy. We are calling ahead of on-site scheduled service appointments to verify the location is safe to enter. We are adhering to all customer restrictions, limitations or policies and, if necessary, our employees may postpone or reschedule an appointment. Learn more about how we're responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Q: How is fiber Internet different?

A: Fiber Internet delivers more than copper cable or DSL. It's delivers faster speeds, increased reliability and unlimited bandwidth. Fiber-optic cable carries an all-digital signal and is better suited to today's digital communication devices. This is Consolidated's most advanced technology to deliver high-speed Internet to your home. Imagine Internet service that rarely goes down, and you never have to waste time calling tech support.

Q: What exactly is the difference between fiber and cable?

A: Fiber optic Internet produces faster data transfer speeds via the use of light pulses capable of sending data at faster speeds through the use of a glass tube the size of a strand of hair. It produces an extremely fast connection over extended distances versus a copper cable signal, which degrades over a longer distance. And, the connection is symmetrical with download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gig.

Q: What are the benefits of a dedicated fiber Internet connection?

A: The use of glass instead of copper-based technology makes fiber optic Internet less prone to outages and down time. Consolidated offers a dedicated fiber connection, meaning it is far less likely to be affected by service interruptions and it is not shared with the neighbors. It provides consistent and complete coverage for homes or small businesses.

Q: What are the bandwidth expectations with fiber?

A: Broadband, such as DSL or cable Internet connections are typically shared across different customers. Because of this, bandwidth can be compromised during peak times of heavy usage. Fiber Internet operates as a dedicated service being used only by the home or business for which it’s established, negating much of that concern. That means fiber can accommodate more users and more devices at any given time.

Q: How does a fiber network benefit my community?

A: Having the most reliable Internet infrastructure provides more value to the community and its residents. Because of the added capacity and improved dependability, a fiber network can benefit businesses that require large amounts of bandwidth for their operations and small businesses experience more freedom. Residential customers are continually needing more bandwidth in their homes with increased remote working and learning. This fiber investment prepares everyone for the future of connectivity.

Q: What is the pre-order phase?

A: Our fiber construction crews will be working to build fiber in your area and to offer you the opportunity to pre-order for service. For customers who take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order service, your connection will take priority what it comes time for activation.

Q: How do I get a fiber connection to my home once it becomes available?

A: Running a fiber connection from the curb to your house is covered by the FREE professional installation. A connection box will be installed at your property, typically on the side or back of your home. This unit will also contain the power supply and battery back-up for the electronics.

Q: Will there be a data cap on my fiber connection?

A. No. There is no data cap with Consolidated fiber. Some Internet providers offer packages for a certain amount of data. If there is no data cap, that means there is no limit to your data usage over your fiber connection. The bottom line is that a data cap limits what you can do on the Internet — with no data cap, you can stream, download, browse, search, listen and shop as you please.

*Limited-time offer for new residential customers. Advertised price includes the 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 1 Gig Internet plan. Offer requires a 2-year term commitment. Services may not be available in all areas or at the rates or speeds generally marketed. Speeds advertised are for a wired connection and for one device. Speeds are not guaranteed.

Broadband Cost Recovery Fee of $2.97 per month and Infrastructure Fee of $8.30 per month per Internet connection applies. These fees are already included in the advertised price for one connection. Taxes and governmental fees and assessments are not included, if applicable. After promotional period, standard rates apply.

Offer includes FREE professional installation. Successful Internet installation is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors, including home size and layout, router location, computer age and condition, and the presence of other possibly-interfering electronics. Each computer must have wireless adapter and meet minimum system requirements. File and print sharing, game console setup, and connection of other wireless devices are not included in professional installation. Wireless adapters, hard-wired home networking, and connection of equipment to the modem is available for a separate charge.

A one-time Service & Activation fee of $29.99 applies to Internet service, but will be waived as part of this promotion.

New Consolidated Internet customers are required to subscribe to the Network Care Plus Wireless program for $11.99/mo, which includes a leased wireless router and free troubleshooting of inside wiring, phone jacks and connectivity to the computer, as well as equipment replacement. This fee is already included in the advertised price.

Speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Services may not be available in all areas or at the rates or speeds generally marketed. Speeds advertised are for a wired connection and for one device. You can connect multiple devices at once but speeds may vary per connected device based on the number of devices being used, device limitations and if the device is connected by a wired connection or wireless connection. Wireless speeds will vary. Actual throughput is dependent upon the ability of customer premise equipment & wireless devices (e.g., Smart Phones, WiFi peripherals, routers, wireless networks, etc.) to pass appropriate speeds.

All Consolidated residential Internet offerings come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Customers may cancel their Internet service within 30 days of the service installation/activation date and receive a refund for all Internet charges, as well as applicable fees and surcharges that have been billed.

Customers who terminate service after 30 days of service and before fulfilling the length of the 2-year Internet Term Agreement will be assessed an Early Termination Fee of $149.00.

Leased equipment, such as a wireless router, remains the property of Consolidated and must be returned in good working condition if service is disconnected or an equipment charge will be assessed to the account.

Not all services available in all areas or at the speeds generally marketed. All services, charges and fees are subject to change at any time. Policies, including Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use and Privacy, can be found at consolidated.com/policies. © 2020 Consolidated Communications. All rights reserved.