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Consolidated Communications provides state-of-the-art home Internet service to Elk Grove residents, so you'll always have access to a world of information and entertainment. Plus, our Elk Grove, California, customers know they can rely on maximum up-time and 24/7 tech support. For the best deals on high-speed home Internet, check availability in your local Elk Grove neighborhood.


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Consolidated Internet speed in Elk Grove gives you the power to download, upload, and stream all you want!


24/7 tech support means you never have to doubt your Elk Grove Internet service from Consolidated Communications.


We offer Elk Grove maximum Internet security for protection against viruses and attacks on your computer.

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Elk Grove Bundled Services

Get the best pricing available in Elk Grove, California, by bundling Internet service with TV and/or phone service. Stream your favorite shows on any device and watch all over town! With high-speed Internet, unlimited voice calling, and streaming TV, Elk Grove is never more than a click away from the rest of the world. And if you just want two of the three services, we have bundles for that, too. 


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