New Hampshire Residential Basic Service Informational Guide

Basic service is a limited feature voice service that may be attractive to customers seeking a lower cost alternative to a more feature-rich voice service offering.

Until 2020, absent New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission approval, Consolidated’s basic service rates1 cannot increase more than 10% per year and basic service rates for customers who qualify for the Lifeline Telephone Assistance program discount cannot increase more than 5% per year.2

Consolidated3 offers the following three Basic Service4 voice options to residential customers in New Hampshire:

  • Unlimited Single Party Service (Unlimited local area calls; rates range from $18.06 to $23.49 depending upon where you live. Follow the link to find further pricing details on page 16 of Part M, Section 1 of the Consolidated Retail Catalog.)
  • Measured Service-4E (Rate for standard use is $9.87 per month and includes up to $4.00 of local area call usage. Rate for low use is $7.93 per month and includes up to $1.50 of local area call usage. Rates for local area call usage depend upon the time of day and the proximity to your home exchange.5 Day time rates to contiguous exchanges are 7 cents for the first minute and 3 cents a minute thereafter. Day time rates to non-contiguous exchanges are 9 cents for the first minute and 4 cents a minute thereafter. Follow the link to find further pricing details on pages 19-20 of Part M, Section 1 of the Consolidated Retail Catalog.)
  • Low Use Measured Service ($7.93 per month. Includes up to 30 message units for local area calls. A message unit is measured in increments of 5 minutes or any fraction thereof. Additional message units are billed in 5 minute increments or any fraction thereof at 16.5 cents per message unit. Follow the link to find further pricing details on page 20 of Part M, Section 1 of the Consolidated Retail Catalog.)

If any of the above service options is ordered in combination with any other billable service or feature provided by Consolidated including, but not limited to, caller ID, voicemail, or DSL service, your service does not qualify as basic service and is subject to market-based pricing by Consolidated.

Basic service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Municipal calling service
  • The choice to select in-state or out-of-state toll service provided by a long distance carrier6
  • The ability to access per use calling features, such as *69
  • The ability to use non-chargeable blocks such as Per Call Blocking (of directory number and name) or 976/900 blocking
  • The ability to use long distance blocking at no charge on qualifying basic service for those that qualify for the Lifeline Program discount
  • The directory listing offered with the basic service option
  • Access to E911, Telecommunications Relay Service and Directory Assistance
  • Caller ID blocking on a permanent (or line) basis if requested by a qualifying customer
  • Ability to report service problems 24 hours per day, seven days per week

For more information on basic service terms and conditions or rates please see Consolidated’s New Hampshire Retail Catalog or call 844.YOUR.CCI (844.968.7224).

1With the exception of the Municipal Property Tax Recovery Charge, which is displayed separately on bills but is considered a component of basic service rates, the limitation on rate increases excludes taxes, fees and surcharges.

2New Hampshire law allows the Public Utilities Commission to approve rate increases beyond these limits under limited circumstances.

3This guide is for services offered by Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC d/b/a Consolidated Communications – NNE.

4This guide is for information purposes and is not intended to be part of your contract and/or applicable tariff. This guide is subject to change without notice to you other than posting an updated version on our website.

5An exchange is a geographical area established for the administration of telephone communications in a specified location. Exchange boundaries do not correspond precisely to municipal boundaries. You may determine the exchange in which you reside and which exchanges are contiguous (adjacent) to your exchange at the following URL:

6Consolidated long distance services are provided by Enhanced Communications of Northern New England Inc. d/b/a Consolidated Communications Long Distance, except in limited circumstances.