Fargo Flood Alert

As Fargo-Moorhead prepares for another flood fight this spring, Consolidated Communications wants to assure you we have flood contingency plans in place to protect our equipment, infrastructure and ultimately your service. We are closely monitoring current projections from the National Weather Service including river and overland levels that may have the potential to affect our facilities.

We have determined thresholds at which sandbags and/or AquaDams will be deployed to protect our communication infrastructure and assets in the community. At this time, we do not have any immediate concern; however, if our equipment is compromised, we will take immediate action to notify affected customers and will initiate the replacement of equipment and the subsequent restoral of services once the flood waters have subsided.

All of our protection will remain in place until the threat of further flooding has subsided. Contingency plans may change to deal with any unanticipated or unforeseen circumstances in an effort to best protect the facilities.  Consolidated Communications will continually monitor flood forecasts and will adjust plans if needed in anticipation of the spring flood.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local account executive.