Benefits of Wholesale High Speed Internet Access

Consolidated Communications’ Wholesale High Speed Internet Access offers a simple, manageable and scalable solution with high-capacity bandwidth choices, robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and web-based monitoring and reporting tools.

Details About Wholesale High Speed Internet Access

Offer your consumer and business customers High-Speed Internet (HSI) service at competitive rates at a wide range of available speeds:

  • 768k / 128k
  • 1.5M / 384k
  • 3M / 768k
  • 7M / 768k
  • 15M / 1M

Static or Dynamic Addressing

  • Dynamic available on all speeds
  • Static available on 1.5M, 3M, 7M and 15M only
  • Multiple static IP blocks available (optional)

Modems Available Upon Request

  • Bring your own modem or let us handle modem fulfillment
  • Single-port wired
  • Four-port wireless
  • Shipped to you or to your end-user customer location

Ability to Resell Service

  • Resell or rebrand the service to your customers
  • Bundle wholesale HSI with other services that you are providing to your end-user customers

Professional Install Option

  • Have us professionally install the services beyond the Network Interface upon request

Stand-Alone Service

  • We provision Wholesale HSI service on a dryloop copper pair
  • Dedicated service to the serving Central Office or Remote Terminal

Dependable Service

  • Bring dependable HSI service and an enhanced customer experience to your customers using our HSI platform