Environmental Responsibility

Consolidated Communications embraces green initiatives and strives to take a common sense approach to environmental responsibility. We recognize that we can have a direct and indirect impact on our local, regional and global environment. Consolidated Communications has developed a Green Policy to minimize our environmental impact. Our environmental objectives help us operate our business in a more sustainable manner, and are as follows:

Minimize Waste

From recycling our old computers and office technology products to recycling cardboard, paper, electronics, glass, plastic, aluminum and various other items at our facilities, Consolidated Communications believes in the value of recycling. Our goal is to find sensible ways to minimize waste in our offices. Each year we promote phone directory recycling, offer recycle bins and recycle more than 50 tons of phone directories.  

Efficient Use of Energy

Our investments in energy conservation reflect our commitment to reducing the impacts of our energy use on the environment, particularly related to climate change. Key steps have been taken to create important efficiencies of our energy consumption including updating boilers and HVAC units with highly efficient units and adding motion-sensitive lighting in several of our offices so lights only stay on if employees are present.  

Green Suppliers & Business Partners

We strive to balance environmental and fiscal responsibilities in making green purchasing decisions and working with responsible business partners who also embrace green initiatives and resource conservation.

Environmental Education

We're working to educate our employees and customers about how they can make a difference for the environment. We realize that we can only succeed with the help of our Consolidated Communications team of employees. To help our employees understand and support our green initiatives, we will provide education on our policy, as well as practical information and tools to implement environmentally friendly practices in their work and at home.

Safe & Healthful Workplace

Our company has a continuing strong commitment to providing a safe and healthful workplace and to ensure employees are properly trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment.

At Consolidated Communications, we operate in accordance with our core values, which guide our actions as we fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, our investors, business partners and communities. We are focused on serving our customers, our communities and being good stewards and a responsible corporate citizen, which includes a respect for the Earth and the environment.