Environmental Policy Statement

At Consolidated Communications, we are committed to the natural environment that surrounds us and we know our actions have a direct and indirect impact on our local, regional and global footprint. By ensuring our over 1,600 buildings and facilities are in compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations and laws, using our network, and through a number of other actions and initiatives, Consolidated Communications stands firmly behind our Environmental Responsibility Statement and pledges to continually evaluate how we can operate our business more sustainably while minimizing the impact on the Earth and environment. Our environmental objectives help us operate our business in a more sustainable manner, and are as follows:


Minimize Waste

We continue to find sensible ways to minimize waste in our offices and facilities. Through the proper disposal of old computers and office technology products to the recycling of cardboard, paper, electronics, glass, plastic, aluminum and other items at our primary offices and larger employee locations, Consolidated Communications believes in the importance of recycling.

Out in the field, all wire and equipment is processed and sorted for shipment to approved recyclers.

Recognizing the effect waste can have on the communities we serve, we provide consumer education on the value of recycling phone directories, offer recycle bins and promote local recycling events.

Consolidated Communications phone directories are printed on recycled paper and include an option for customers to opt-out of receiving future directories, further reducing their environmental impact. Customers also have the option to enroll in paperless billing, which we promote continuously.

Employees receive their pay checks via direct deposit and Form W-2s electronically as another way to reduce waste.

We comply with all state, federal and local laws related to hazardous waste. When necessary, we hire certified and compliant waste disposal companies to dispose of materials in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.


Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Our investments in energy conservation and efficiency reflect our commitment to reducing the impacts our energy use has on the environment. In our buildings and facilities, important steps have been taken to reduce our energy consumption including updating boilers and HVAC systems with high-efficiency units; adding motion-sensitive and/or LED lighting in several offices so lights stay on only if employees are present and employing active-monitoring of our heating and cooling facilities to adjust to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.

Consolidated Communications also purchases Renewable Energy Credits, when possible, to utilize renewable sources for our electricity.

In an effort to reduce transportation and fuel-related emissions, Consolidated Communications encourages employees to limit air and automobile travel and encourages the use of technology solutions, such as video or phone conferencing, when possible. When travel is necessary, employees are encouraged to use surface-based options including the use of low-emission and flex-fuel fleet vehicles and are reminded to not idle vehicles, when possible, to reduce air pollution and gas usage.


Low-and Reduced-Energy Products and Services

Through the utilization of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the need for travel by business customers is reduced as the service allows for effective and productive telecommuting options.

Additionally, the need for traditional cable set-top boxes that contribute to carbon emissions and energy use is eliminated through Consolidated Communications’ new, cloud-enabled TV product, CCiTV.


Environmentally Conscious Suppliers and Partners

By working with business partners who also embrace green initiatives and the conservation of natural resources, we are able to continuously ensure sustainability from within our supply chains. We strive to balance environmental and fiscal responsibilities when making purchasing decisions.


Environmental Awareness and Education

By educating our employees and customers on environmental issues, our sustainability initiatives and providing them with information on how they can put environmentally-friendly practices in place at home and work, we are able to establish and maintain a culture of awareness and action.