Log4Shell Vulnerability Update

On Friday, December 10, the vulnerability commonly known as Log4Shell became public knowledge. Consolidated Communications has not found evidence of the Log4Shell vulnerability impacting its networks or systems at this time.

Consolidated, along with its vendors and partners, are actively working to understand, mitigate and remediate the potential impact of this vulnerability, including:

  • Collaborating with the Federal Government and industry partners to monitor and address any risks, and to provide mutual assistance;
  • Scanning Consolidated networks and systems for the vulnerability; and
  • Actively engaging with systems and application partners to determine potential vulnerabilities in their products and services.

Consolidated Communications continually monitors and actively scans our network environment for any risks and vulnerabilities.

What you can do:

Consolidated Communications recommends that its customers, partners and vendors follow the guidance of CISA for this vulnerability, available and continually updated at