Contact Center Solutions for Call Centers

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The CCI Unified Communications Contact Center Service is a strategic platform that enables you to move into the next phase of customer service. The Contact Center solution is a distributed, IP-based customer service infrastructure that comprises a continuously evolving suite of innovative services and customer relationship management applications. These services and applications provide enhanced responsiveness and streamlined customer exchanges to help your organization deliver superior customer service. The  Hosted Contact Center extends customer service capabilities across the entire organization, giving your business a more integrated and collaborative approach to customer satisfaction.
Hosted Contact Center includes the following advanced capabilities:
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with advanced queuing and skills-based agent routing
  • Advanced CTI (Computer-Telephony Integration)
  • Agent screen pop
  • Pre-route indications to agent desktop
  • Silent monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Reporting

Deliver customers to the right resource

Through a combination of contact management, intelligent routing and network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), the Hosted Contact Center Service (CCS) segments customers, monitors resource availability, and delivers each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in your company. To complete these transactions, the CCS profiles each customer using contact-related data such as dialed number and calling line ID, caller-entered digits, or information obtained from a customer profile database lookup. Simultaneously, the  CCS system monitors the resources available in the contact center to meet your customer needs, including agent skills and availability, interactive-voice-response (IVR) status, queue lengths, etc.
CCS provides centralized management control over customer contacts, allowing users to implement a single set of business rules that uniformly address customer needs independent of resource location. This combination of customer and contact center data is processed through user-defined routing scripts that graphically reflect a company's business rules - enabling the CCS to route each contact to the optimum resource anywhere in your enterprise. Wherever an agent is based, the system delivers a unique and rich set of call event and customer profile data to the targeted desktop as a contact arrives, personalizing service and maximizing efficiency. Throughout the process, carrier-class, distributed fault tolerance from the network to the desktop ensures uninterrupted operation in your contact center.

Hosted Contact Center Reporting

Contact Center Reporting Solution (CCRS) utilizes SMSI’s Unify platform to provide companies with the essential tools for their contact centers. CCRS includes Performance Management software that focuses on delivering historical and current status metrics from multiple platforms and data sources. Powerful enterprise solutions dramatically increase customer profitability.
Managers at all levels require accurate meaningful data. The CCRS solution standardizes the data and provides consolidated reporting with roll-ups and drill-downs for ease of use.
All modules are fully integrated with centralized solutions that show a complete picture of company performance and objectives using standardized multi-channel data.

Historical Reporting

The CCRS Historical Reporting exceeds expectations by providing an accurate corporate-wide reporting solution for companies with contact centers. This module uses Business Objects (Crystal) for the reporting engine and is integrated with all your reporting needs. Whether you have one site or multiple sites, Historical Reporting will provide you with very robust reporting capabilities. Companies of all sizes utilize the graphical or on-demand and automatic reporting features with valuable results.
The Historical Report Generator module provides a variety of reports useful for productive contact center management. Small and large contact centers benefit from the Historical Report Generator's robust and flexible reporting capabilities.
The Dashboard Manager provides self-serve analysis for end users and the IT efficiencies of an enterprise standard for performance management.
  • Build dashboards without programming lets users build their own dashboards and analytics using pre-built templates, a freestyle design option, plus drag-and-drop functionality
  • Using pre-built templates equips users with metric templates. Interactive gauges like speedometers, stoplights, Pareto charts, and geographical maps, are easy to use and understand.
  • Meet multiple business needs by organizing dashboard pages into groups.
  • Speed end-user adoption by quickly learning how to use Dashboard Manager. Users can personalize dashboard metrics, analytics, and reports on their own.
  • Centralized security and administration reduces IT overhead.

Ad-hoc Reporting & Analysis

The Query, Analysis and Ad-hoc Reporting module is designed for casual users and report consumers to benefit from an easy-to-use, zero-footprint product that allows for step-by-step query creation and on-report analysis on demand. It allows the user to have self-service access to information that is interactive and is secure and controlled. All users benefit from:
  • Powerful integrated query, reporting, and analysis over the web
  • Ease of use with minimal learning curve
  • Best web architecture for enterprise-wide and extranet deployment
Query, Analysis and Ad-hoc Reporting provides:
  • Easy on-report analysis for report consumers
  • Quickly drill into details
  • Combine multiple tables and charts to share information as needed
  • Perform analysis with one-click functionality