CCI Launches On Net/Near Net Program

Consolidated Communications is launching an innovative On Net/Near Net program designed to enhance support for its channel partners and wholesale carrier customers. This program provides increased visibility into the company's extensive fiber network, simplifying the identification of service opportunities and offering quick-quote pricing for products like broadband Internet and DIA. By granting access to over 160,000 on-net and near-net buildings, the initiative aims to streamline sales processes, improve efficiency, and help partners swiftly transform prospects into sales. With over 60,000 fiber route miles, the program supports diverse customer needs, driving business growth and fostering innovation. Learn more.

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What is Unified Communications?


Communication is at the core of every business operation. In the current fast-paced era of the Internet, businesses require fast and efficient ways to communicate across short and long distances alike to ensure proper collaboration and high productivity. Unified Communications covers all of that. UC leverages the use of tools like instant messaging and voice calls to bring people together and elevate the user experience. Learn more.

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UCaaS vs CCaaS: Understanding the Differences

In the modern world of business, having easy access to as many tools as possible to facilitate negotiations and communication is a must. Whether you have a small or big company, understanding the needs of your team as well as your customers makes all the difference. When leveraging the advantages of both UCaaS and UCaaS, your business can work as efficiently as possible with cost-effective solutions for communications and customer service. Learn more.

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How to Choose a Unified Messaging System

How to choose a unified messaging system

As technology and the Internet evolve, the need for businesses to work as fast as possible keeps rising. However, communication across teams can be a huge bottleneck in the business growth process. UCaaS fixes this issue by introducing several efficient solutions. UCaaS can significantly boost businesses workflow and productivity through a unified messaging system. Learn more about how to choose a unified messaging system for your business. Learn more.

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How to Choose a Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business

Video conferencing solutions for businesses

The need for communication tools has steadily increased after remote work became a core part of many businesses in the past few years. Dive into how video conferencing works and how to choose a video conferencing solution for your business. Learn more.

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