Technology Solutions for Government Organizations

More than ever, local, state and federal government organizations are challenged to do more with less. They are actively searching for new, innovative ideas to help them become more efficient while often struggling with budget constraints. Municipal, state and federal government organizations need an IT service provider who understands these challenges and can provide cost-effective technology solutions that help government organizations improve service levels and meet mission-critical IT goals.

Solutions for Government Organizations of All Sizes

Consolidated Communications provides government agencies with customized business technology solutions to meet their needs.

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Municipal government offices are often challenged with aging technology, insufficient infrastructure and a lack of IT expertise. Learn more.  


State governments usually maintain larger data centers, but typically lack routine testing of disaster recovery procedures. Learn more.

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Federal government organizations have mandates to improve overall IT efficiency, while keeping costs manageable. Learn more.

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Consolidated Private Line telecommunications services provide dedicated, point-to-point connectivity for voice, video and data applications. Learn more.  


Business Technology Solutions

Consolidated Communications provides government agencies with solutions for unifying communications, data networking connections and data center colocation services to help increase flexibility, improve mobility, simplify operations, boost productivity, and manage costs.

By switching to Consolidated, government organizations gain a network that supports an array of information technology services, including Internet, phone, video conferencing and data center colocation services.


Powerful and secure network and Data and Internet solutions provide the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs your business. With highly available, high-bandwidth dedicated services that allow employees stay connected. Learn more.


From the single trusty phone line to the latest voice over Internet Protocol technology and a state-of-the-art network, Consolidated Communications offers a business-class voice solution. Learn more.

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Physically secure, scalable space to support your disaster recovery as well as computing, storage and other IT equipment. Learn more.

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Prevent an ever growing list of innovative attacks from affecting your business and ensuring increased productivity, cost savings, and a reputation of impenetrable security. Learn more.  


Expertise in complex IT operations for strategic consulting, implementation services, security, monitoring, management and issue resolution. Learn more.

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Multiple options for combining Consolidated Communications services for improved manageability and affordability. Learn more.