Managed Wireless LAN: a Powerful, Hassle-Free Wifi Network

With a growing reliance on mobile devices and emerging applications, many organizations struggle to provide an effective wireless network for employees, vendors and guests. Consolidated Communications Managed Wireless LAN is a secure, effective, accessible solution. Its robust features enable complete control over devices, users and applications without adding cost or complexity.

Cloud WiFi

Maximize Resources & Reduce Costs

While BYOD (bring your own device) can be a headache to manage, allowing employees to use their own devices increases user satisfaction, collaboration and productivity. Consolidated Communications Managed Wireless LAN lets users access your network via local wireless access points and a centrally hosted controller. All of these devices are fully managed by Consolidated Communications, eliminating the burden of managing devices and saving IT time and resources.

Flexible Guest Access Improves the Customer Experience

Consolidated Communications Managed Wireless LAN provides customers and guests with the connectivity and flexibility they need.

Administrative tools allow for full management and provisioning of guest accounts with appropriate access based on the individual’s role.

Secure Mobile Access

With the increased use of mobile devices, the need to secure those devices is greater than ever. Consolidated Communications offers a secure, PCI and HIPAA compliant architecture and fault tolerant design that preserves local network functionality during WAN outages. Consolidated Communications Cloud Wifi is field proven in high security and mission critical network applications.

Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard & Management Tools

A web-based dashboard provides easy oversight of the entire system and integrated on-demand tools provide instant analysis of performance, connectivity, and more.

  • Visibility and control of your entire network: wireless, switching, and security appliances, via a single dashboard
  • Built-in multi-site network management tools and automated network monitoring and alerts
  • Highly available and secure PCI/HIPAA compliant access points with custom permission and usage reports
  • Continuous feature updates delivered from the cloud and Zero Touch Provisioning for rapid deployment


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