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Museum Exhibits

Early Telephones

Telephone from early 1900s

See how phones got their start with our collection turn-of-the-century telephone technology including wooden box, “coffin,” magneto, three-box and pay telephones.


Desk Sets

Candlestick phone

Our extensive collection cradle phones and upright desk phones, also called “candlesticks,” will delight the telephone enthusiast.


Mid-Century Phones

Mid-century phones

Our collection of mid-century phones is a visitor favorite, including Ericofons (shown), princess phones as well as classic rotary and wall-hanging phones.


Novelty Phones

Mickey Mouse phone

One of our most popular exhibits, especially with kids, are the dozens of collectible novelty phones, including Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Kermit the Frog, Orphan Annie and many more.



Operator switchboard

Dozens of switchboards spanning the last century including historical operator switches, an original Magneto switchboard and a Strowger Step-by-Step Switch.


Tools of the Trade

Old tools including linemen equipment

Historical tools of the trade including linemen equipment, copper cabling, manholes and more.



Phone insulators

No telephone museum would be complete without insulators! Our collection includes standard insulators as well as collectible insulators in a dazzling array of shapes and colors.


Local History

Image on wall of local museum history

Learn about the Roseville Telephone Company, how it got its start, the founding families, and how it grew from a rural, independent phone company into a larger high-tech communications company.