Email Security Suite

ScanSmart® Email Security Suite provides industry leading multiple technology services including:

  • Virus Scanning
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Reporting
  • Policy Enforcement

Manage all aspects of the security suite directly through a single, intuitive web-based control panel that provides administrators with powerful tools to manage and customize all aspects of the security suite.

Virus Scanning
Stop email-borne viruses, Trojans, worms and malicious spyware before they enter your system. Scanning and blocking of unsafe messages is instantaneous, so there is no delay when sending or receiving email. Virus Scanning includes an innovative Quarantine, allowing users to safely and securely preview blocked messages. 

Anti-Spam Protection
Identifies up to 99% of the spam destined for your network, with less than .01% false positives. It stops unsolicited email before it reaches your network, so spam will never overload your servers. The Anti-Spam protection also includes the same innovative Quarantine as the Virus Scanning. Users are able to safely view quarantined messages and choose options to Allow, Deny or White List messages.

Administrators can obtain current and historical reports, such as, spam versus real email, top spam recipients, number of virus infections and virus types, allow and deny list reports for the entire domain or individual users, and many more reporting capabilities.

Policy Enforcement

Maintain complete control over the entire email environment with custom inbound and outbound mail filters. Enforce adherence to company email security policies and regulatory compliance. Policy enforcement allows you to set up a wide variety of email policy rules and automatically perform actions according to the rules you establish.

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