High Quality, High-Speed Options to ISPs

Take advantage of a direct connection to the Internet. We offer high quality, high-speed options to ISPs, and a broad range of solutions to meet the demands of an always evolving Internet market.

Connect your network to the Internet using our Ethernet Dedicated Internet (E-DIA) service. Or, leverage Special Access or DSL services to connect customers to your services using a private connection or an IP connection.

We leverage a fast and reliable network, with speeds up to 100G, to deliver a comprehensive range of affordable data and voice communications services

Special Access Services:

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection that can transmit multiple streams of information
  • Connect to your customers in virtually any location served by Consolidated Communications

Wholesale Internet:

  • Address your customers’ need for speed – access to your ISP services over a high speed Internet connection
  • Broadband connections to approximately 95 percent of the business addresses in the local markets we serve

For more information about our ISP services and pricing, contact your Wholesale Account Manager or Contact Us.