Social Responsibility

Community Broadband Investment, Company Giving & Volunteerism 

For nearly 130 years, we have forged a strong legacy and tradition of giving back and active employee volunteerism within the communities we serve. We believe engaging in and supporting the community improves the quality of life and creates a more vibrant place to live and work.

Investments in our communities

Last year, Consolidated Communications provided $1.6 million in support to more than 625 community nonprofits and organizations through our company giving programs, educational grant program, foundation grants, economic development initiatives, community events and sponsorships.

Consolidated Connects Educational Grant Program

Established in late 2020, the Consolidated Connects Educational Grant Program provides funding for innovative, technology-focused initiatives at K-12 schools within the company’s service area. The learning programs advance creative student learning, develop 21st century skills, promote critical thinking and utilize innovative technologies. 

Consolidated Connects Grants are awarded annually through an online grant application process. In 2023, we awarded $32,000 to seven schools through the grant program, serving hundreds of students.

Complete program information is available at


Consolidated Cares Employee Volunteering Program

We believe contributions of time are just as important as financial gifts and are proud to support employees who dedicate their time to serving the


In 2023, our employees reported 8,700 volunteer hours with local nonprofits and community groups across our service area.

In 2022, we launched the Consolidated Cares Employee Volunteer Program, which rewards employees who volunteer at least 25 hours with a $250 contribution to their preferred nonprofit organization. As a

result of the program and our employees’ dedication to their community, Consolidated contributed $14,000 to 56 nonprofits during the program’s second year.

Special Olympics Family Festival (SOFF)

In 2023, Consolidated Communications hosted the 40th Special Olympics Family Festival (SOFF) in Mattoon, Ill. Hundreds of Special Olympic Athletes from east central Illinois gathered for a full day of events, while caregivers enjoy a day of respite. 

SOFF is planned and executed by a volunteer committee made up of Consolidated Communications employees and local community and business leaders. More than 1,000 volunteers from throughout the state

and far beyond create a carnival-like atmosphere, filled with singing, dancing, non-competitive games, tractor rides, a parade, and a steady stream of performances from the SOFF stage.

SOFF began as a way for co-founder and former Consolidated Communications founding Board Director and Chairman Richard A. Lumpkin to engage Consolidated Communications employees in the community and included a few hundred athletes and volunteers. It has grown and evolved, but the focus on inclusion, friendship and having fun remains.

Memories are made, with many athletes sharing that they look forward to SOFF as though it was their own birthday. Lifelong friendships are formed between the athletes and their dedicated Friend for a Day, as they return year after year. Watch a video of this historic 40th SOFF here.

SOFF returns to the grounds of Lake Land College on Sept. 21, 2024. More information is available at


Minnesota Community Fund

Over the past 60 years, the Consolidated Communications Community Fund (formerly the Mankato Citizens Telephone Company / HickoryTech Foundation) has given more than $6.5 million to nonprofit organizations throughout southern Minnesota. The Community Fund is a donor-advised fund, administered by the Mankato Area Foundation, with an advisory

board comprised of local Consolidated Communications employees who direct grants and gifts.

Community Fund grants support critical community needs, such as hunger and homelessness, and provide scholarships and funding for

technology-focused educational programs. In 2023, 24 nonprofit organizations received grants totaling $155,000 from the Fund.

In addition, the Consolidated Communications Community Fund supports a matching gift program benefit for employees in the region. This program generated over $10,000 in support to local nonprofit

organizations throughout southern Minnesota.


California’s Consolidated Communications Foundation

For nearly 30 years, the Consolidated Communications Foundation has given over $5.5 million to communities through local nonprofits and organizations that serve those in need and create more vibrant communities.

Each year, the Foundation is funded through the generosity of employees who make voluntary payroll contributions matched by a company gift. In 2023, the Foundation gave more than $94,000 to 106 local organizations.

Consolidated Communications is proud to support programs and organizations that address essential and critical community needs and key community and educational initiatives, improving the quality of life for our

friends and neighbors

More information is available in Consolidated’s 2023 ESG Report.