Our Environmental Commitment


At Consolidated Communications, we are committed to preserving and sustaining the natural environment and we know our actions have direct and indirect impacts on our local, regional and global footprint.

In 2021, we put a renewed focus on our internal committee of department leaders with cross-functional company representation to look at our environmental and sustainability initiatives. The work of this group is driving new company goals and measurements while developing increased company accountability in these areas. 

Our Operations


With over 1,600 buildings and facilities where we operate power intensive equipment that is in high demand, we know that our power usage poses an environmental risk via resulting carbon emissions. Because of this, we have made investments in energy conservation and efficiency that reflect our commitment to the environment. 

In 2022, Consolidated signed new long-term community solar agreements in Maine and Minnesota, that will help increase the availability of clean power and help address climate change impacts.

When businesses like Consolidated, subscribe to solar farms, the clean energy produced is fed directly to the utility grid, generating credits on subscribers’ electric bills for the value of the energy generated by their share of the farm. Community solar also benefits local economies by creating jobs, increasing tax revenues and generating income to support landowners. The energy generated from these two subscriptions is the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from nearly 763,000 gallons of gasoline consumed [1].

Learn more about Consolidated’s community solar agreements.


We continue to find sensible ways to minimize waste in our offices and facilities. Through the proper disposal of old computers and office technology products, to the recycling of electronics, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, batteries, lighting and other items at our primary offices and larger employee locations, Consolidated Communications understands the importance of proper disposal and recycling.

 Out in the field, all wire, cable and equipment is processed and sorted for shipment to approved recyclers.


Consolidated has reduced its fleet waste stream by extending the useful life of its vehicles through a proactive maintenance program. This includes continuous replacement of power plants to reduce emissions and retiring vehicles when they are beyond economical repair. To improve the overall average miles per gallon (MPG) in company vehicles, vehicles may also be replaced when fuel efficiency declines.

Low-and Reduced-Energy Products and Services

Through the utilization of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the need for travel by business customers is reduced as the service allows for effective and productive telecommuting options. Additionally, the need for traditional cable set-top boxes that contribute to carbon emissions, plastic waste and energy use is reduced through Consolidated Communications’ streaming video strategy. 

Environmentally Conscious Suppliers and Partners

By working with business partners who also embrace green initiatives and the conservation of natural resources, we are able to continuously ensure sustainability from within our supply chains. We strive to balance environmental and fiscal responsibilities when making purchasing decisions. 

Environmental Awareness and Education

By educating our employees and customers on environmental issues, our sustainability initiatives and providing them with information on how they can put environmentally-friendly practices in place at home and work, we are able to establish and maintain a culture of awareness and action.

Detailed information on our environmental goals and objectives related to energy, waste, our fleet and more is available in Consolidated’s 2021 ESG Report.


 [1] Calculation derived from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator