Social Responsibility

Privacy & Data Security

The safeguarding of our customers’ personal information is of the highest importance to Consolidated Communications. We do not sell, rent or disclose personally identifiable information to any third party for any reason that is not directly related to providing products and services, except as required by applicable law or specifically allowed in our privacy policy.


Occasionally, we will use personally identifiable information to offer a customer new products and services; however, customers can opt out at any time. 


As a data privacy champion, Consolidated Communications provides ongoing consumer education on how to protect their personal data and, more broadly, how to keep themselves and their families safe online. Consolidated recognizes and supports the principle that all organizations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information and has undertaken significant efforts to educate our customers, employees, and communities on safe online practices. Consolidated maintains and regularly updates actionable tips on online safety and data privacy practices at


More information on our Customer Privacy Policy is available at


Internally, Consolidated Communications employees are kept abreast of the latest cybersecurity risks and threats and are regularly provided with educational content and information to minimize risks to our network and business systems.


Network Security

We take cybersecurity very seriously and are constantly monitoring and taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of our networks. Consolidated continuously strives to implement world-class security and risk management programs to protect our data, people, brand and share- holders, and maintain security processes and industry accepted standards and best practices that protect our customers, products and data. We are a trusted partner with a risk-based focus to support business growth while consistently exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations.


Business and personal interaction in the world today has become increasingly reliant upon the delivery of data of all types across telecommunications carrier networks and Consolidated recognizes the need for these networks to be as protected and reliable as possible. Consolidated management takes a vigilant approach to identifying and addressing data security risks through its Information Security Risk Management and Governance programs. These programs include supply chain and vendor risk management activities, software component analysis, and business impact analysis.


Additionally, Consolidated has a comprehensive cybersecurity program which includes active monitoring and detection along with detailed triage and response plans that outline the steps necessary to investigate, identify and mitigate cyber security risks. As part of its cyber security risk mitigation approach, Consolidated carries Cyber Security Insurance, and senior leadership briefs the board of directors on information security matters on a quarterly basis. Biennially, we are assessed by the Department of Homeland Security against National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 controls and in 2022, Consolidated rolled out a comprehensive cybersecurity awareness program to educate employees as to the cyber risks related to the technology with which our employees interface.


Over the last three years, Consolidated has not incurred any expenses related to data breach penalties or settlements, and in 2022, Consolidated had no data security breaches or network intrusions which resulted in the loss or theft of customer personal information or internal company data. 


As online activities and connected devices increase, legitimate concerns about data security, scams and identity theft are also increasing among consumers. Consolidated proactively monitors network traffic and uses industry trusted best practices, tools, software and systems to keep our customers safe. We hold our role in keeping our customers and communities informed of online and data safety practices with high regard and importance. More information is available at