Social Responsibility

Safe & Healthy Workplace

We prohibit unlawful discrimination and protect against behavior that creates an offensive, hostile, or intimidating work environment. We work to create a safe, healthy and secure workplace where employees are able to do their jobs without fear of harassment or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any factor prohibited by law or which violates our workplace policies or procedures. Physical harm or threats, direct or implied, and illegal acts of harassment, including sexual harassment, are a violation of the Consolidated Communications Code of Conduct and are not tolerated.

Safety is a top priority at Consolidated Communications as demonstrated in our Safety Policy Statement. We have a strong, ongoing commitment to providing a safe and healthful workplace and to ensure employees are properly trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment. We provide employees with proper general environmental health and safety training and relevant training on work-related hazards they may experience.

The work of the Safety & Risk Management Department ensures all employees are educated on emergency procedures so at the time of an emergency all employees will be able to respond without hesitation or undue stress.

Consolidated Communications, Inc. Safety Policy Statement

Safety is our #1 Priority.

Employees are the cornerstone of our success. Consolidated Communications is committed to providing a healthy, safe and productive work environment for all employees and customers. As we strive to fulfill our mission to turn technology into solutions, connecting people and enriching how our customers work and live, our employees’ commitments and positive attitudes towards safety and safe practices at work and at home is integral to our success.

An effective safety culture prospers with personal accountability, collaboration and by embracing innovative ideas. These practices complement our core values of “Integrity First” and “Evolving and Constantly Improving.”

We believe that extending safe, responsible work habits into the communities we serve help to make them better places to live and work. And a sincere commitment to safety at all levels of the Company will support our vision to be the preferred choice for communication solutions.

More information on our efforts and initiatives to ensure a safe, healthy and secure workplace are available in Consolidated’s 2021 ESG Report .