A Tribute to a Revered Leader and Friend

Richard Lumpkin Photo

Richard A. "Dick" Lumpkin
February 16, 1935 - April 4, 2019

Your legacy is forever etched in our minds and in the memories we share.

Our community lost a leader and visionary on Thursday, April 4 when Richard A. "Dick" Lumpkin, passed away at the age of 84.

Born in to a family of pioneers and entrepreneurs, Dick was a quiet and steadfast force that bridged the past and the future, and he will be deeply missed by all.

Educated at Yale and Harvard, Dick never left nor forgot his Coles County roots. His dedication to the company his family founded was unwavering, and his contributions to Mattoon, Coles County and the region are innumerable and often anonymous.

Dick will be remembered at the company he helped lead to its 125th year as "Mr. Lumpkin," a larger-than-life father figure who never shied away from making a grand entrance at company meetings and gatherings. Whether it be his signature plaid pants at Christmas, arriving via a zip line, DeLorean or Harley-Davidson motorcycle INSIDE the venue, Dick could be counted on to make a statement without saying a word.

No doubt, his legacy will live on in his family, with his children and grandchildren, but also in the companies he helped form and guide, the people in whom he invested his time and support, the longstanding Special Olympics Family Festival he had a hand in creating and a community he helped grow and expand.

All of us at Consolidated Communications grieve for the loss and celebrate the life of our leader. Watch the tribute video of Dick Lumpkin.

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