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Visit Fargo's best Internet service provider for residential and businesses, large and small. If you would like to discuss your business communications needs in person, we're here to help!


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Data Networking Service

We can provide all businesses access to the latest technology in high-speed Internet, email, security, web hosting, and more. Learn about North Dakota data networking services.

Voice Service

Interested in exploring a unified communications system? We offer a variety of products and services in voice technology for business. Learn about North Dakota voice services.

Cloud Services

Maximize the performance of your systems by migrating to the cloud -- we'll make it simple and secure. Learn more about North Dakota cloud services.



Internet Service

A variety of flexible high-speed home Internet service plans are available so you can choose the service that's best for you. Learn about North Dakota home Internet service.

Phone Service

Our residential telephone service plans provide clear sound and popular added features for any budget. Save more with bundled services Learn more about North Dakota phone service.


Consolidated Communications Business Office

Fargo, ND

Have questions about services for your business? Come by our Fargo office to discuss how we can put together a service plan that fits your business needs!

Fargo, ND Communication Center and Business Office

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North Dakota Customer Service & Business Office
3312 42nd St S, Ste 100
Fargo, ND 58104
Mon-Fri: 8 am – 5 pm (CST)

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