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First Saturday of the Month is Roseville Museum Day

Telephone Museum and Carnegie Museum team up to offer free admission to Roseville museums on the first Saturday of each month 

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Jan. 25, 2017 – The Carnegie Museum, located at 557 Lincoln Street in Roseville, and the Telephone Museum, located on at 106 Vernon Street in Roseville, will be open free to the public on the first Saturdays of each month from 10a.m. to 2p.m. offering a monthly “Museum Day” for Roseville residents. 

The monthly Museum Day offers the community and visitors a chance to experience our area’s incredible and rich local history.

The Carnegie History Museum has recently undergone a significant transformation in its displays, orienting itself especially towards Roseville history, starting with the 1850s pioneers. Visitors will enjoy the new displays, the views where Roseville began originally as “Junction”, a detailed train display depicting old Roseville and rotating exhibits featuring a different, detailed aspect of Roseville’s history each quarter.

The Telephone Museum, sponsored by Consolidated Communications, will delight visitors of all ages with its display of telephones dating back to the original phone design by Alexander Graham Bell, circa 1876, as well as the Doyle family artifacts from the Roseville Telephone Company. In addition, displays of early switchboards, a myriad novelty phones, hundreds of candlestick and early wooden wall telephones, and colorful, antique line insulators.

“We know our guests will enjoy this day of exploration,” said Christina Richter, Roseville Historical Society’s President. “It’s a special Saturday set aside each month for our residents to learn about and appreciate their local museums. We’re extremely pleased to be partnering with Consolidated Communications to bring Museum Day to the community.”

“We are proud to carry on the history that was preserved by the Roseville Telephone Company and SureWest Communications,” said Gabe Waggoner, vice president of operations for Consolidated Communications. “This museum not only chronicles a century of shared communications technological advances, but the history of the Roseville community through the lens of its communication provider.”

Free parking at both museums is available on the street, or in the nearby public parking lots close to the museums. Organizers suggest an hour to two be set aside for the visits and adequate time to travel between the two museums.

About the Roseville Telephone Museum
The Roseville Telephone Museum opened to the public in 1994 with one of the finest collections of telephone history and memorabilia in the country. The 4,500-square foot, four gallery museum features many exhibits that treat guests to an educational and entertaining walk down memory lane. The museum is owned and maintained by Consolidated Communications. Find out more about the Roseville Telephone Museum at

About Carnegie Museum
The Carnegie Museum, run by the Roseville Historical Society, is housed in the historic 1912 Carnegie Library building. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and is owned and maintained by the City of Roseville. The Roseville Historical Society opened the museum to the public in 1989. Today the Historical Society is proud to show off its historical artifacts in over 20 displays, as well as its archives which feature over 100 years of Roseville Press Tribune newspapers. Find out more about the Roseville Historical Society at

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