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Consolidated Communications Begins Construction on Expanded Gigabit Fiber Network in Ellensburg, Washington

3,000 homes and businesses will benefit from symmetrical multi-gig internet speeds, highly reliable fiber network                                                                                                              

Ellensburg, Wa. – July 28, 2022, Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL), a top-10 fiber provider, has begun construction on the company’s symmetrical, gigabit, fiber internet network that will serve 3,000 homes and businesses in Ellensburg, Washington by the end of 2022.

Consolidated’s new fiber service will deliver speeds up to 2 gig (2,000 Mbps), nearly 12 times faster than average speeds in Ellensburg. Fiber internet handles more devices and more data with consistently higher speeds, lower latency and superior reliability. Fiber also provides symmetrical speeds, meaning the same upload and download speeds, to ensure customers can upload videos as easily as they can stream videos.

“We’re excited to be a part of Consolidated Communications’ fiber expansion in Ellensburg,” said Margaret Reich, executive director of CenterFuse, Ellensburg’s Business Development Authority. “Our 2020 Broadband Feasibility Study highlighted the broadband challenges in Ellensburg in the areas of speed, reliability, access and security. The study recommendation was to collaborate with broadband providers to expand and improve the quality of internet service available. Business vitality requires strong internet service for both businesses and residents. Improving broadband capacity and service in Ellensburg is critical to our ongoing economic development success, and Consolidated’s leadership in investing in Ellensburg will take our internet service to a more competitive level.”

Consolidated’s fiber network enables customers to realize full bandwidth, no throttling even during peak hours, and no data caps. Fiber customers can easily learn and work from home, access telehealth, send and receive files, video chat, stream video, online game, and make use of smart home technology.

“We are thrilled to bring multi-gig-speed internet to our customers in Ellensburg,” said Erik Garr, president of consumer and small business for Consolidated. “We know that communities benefit from better employment, economic, education and enrichment opportunities when they have faster, more reliable internet. I can’t wait for Ellensburg residents and business owners to see how much better fiber is.”

Residents can visit to check eligibility for fiber internet service. Business owners can visit to learn more about fiber at work.

Consolidated is bringing symmetrical, multi-gig fiber internet to more than 70% of the Company’s service area by the end of 2025. Fiber network builds are also underway in California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Texas and Vermont.

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