Change the Way You Do Business with Unified Communications as a Service

Author: Kelley Donald - MarCom/Monday, June 1, 2020/Categories: Business Internet, Business VoIP

Have you considered how unified communications as a service (UCaaS) can help your business? As more employees work remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic — and some may continue working from home even when it’s deemed safe to reopen office buildings — unified communications (UC) can help your team work remotely more effectively and be more productive.

What Is Unified Communications as a Service?

Unified Communications as a Service describes the capability to use multiple forms of communications across multiple platforms seamlessly under one account. UC platforms like Consolidated Communications’ ProConnect integrates audio and HD video with instant messaging, screen-sharing, file-sharing, telepresence conferencing, and collaboration tools.

Users can transition from a computer to a mobile device and even office phones without missing a beat — or an important detail of the conversation.

Whether employees work from home, the office, or another location, UC brings it all together to enhance productivity. Here’s how UC can change the way you do business:

Benefits of Unified Communications Technology in the Workplace

1. Improve Internal Communications

The office space of the future will need to deploy social distancing measures such as one-way corridors and at least six feet between workspaces. Meetings with multiple team members in big conference rooms may be minimized.

An effective UC platform can replace everything from face-to-face team meetings to impromptu discussions at the water cooler. Communicate through your business ISP using phone, messaging, or even telepresence from any device.

Create a virtual conference room so employees can brainstorm and share ideas from their individual desks — whether that desk is across town or simply across the hall.

2. Improve External Communications

The days of face-to-face meetings that begin with a handshake and end with a drink may have come to an end — at least for now. But you can still get closer to colleagues virtually through the ProConnect unified communications platform.

The ability to switch between devices while keeping the same number makes it easier than ever to work from anywhere.

3. Support Remote Employees

Do you plan to continue allowing many of your employees to work remotely even as offices reopen? Consolidated Communications home business internet plans and the ProConnect UC platform make perfect partners.

With HD audio and video, every meeting and will be as clear as it would be in person. Your remote workers can feel like part of the team while practicing social distancing.

Since the unified communications platform is easy to use, you won’t have to spend a lot of time training employees. They can get to work quickly and enjoy the enhanced productivity that comes from working in a space where they feel comfortable, all while eliminating commuting time and minimizing distractions inherent in a traditional workplace.

4. Reduce Costs

Managing a remote workforce can help your business save money in these unprecedented times. Remote workers require less overhead and infrastructure costs. Especially now, when more employees means more space, increased disinfecting services, and greater risks, an effective UC platform represents the most cost-conscious investment you can make.

5. Increase Productivity

ProConnect integrates with your preferred business productivity apps and specialized software, bringing all your business tools together through your business WiFi service for increased productivity and efficiency.

6. Improve Your Employee and Customer Experience

Employees and customers alike don’t want to deal with technology failures. Systems that crash or difficult-to-use apps waste time and money. ProConnect runs through your reliable Consolidated Communications business broadband connection for a rock-solid experience.

Whether you’re using it to chat with your customers online or host a telepresence meeting for your remote workforce, business owners can trust ProConnect to meet their needs.

Before the pandemic, you may have toyed with adopting a unified communications platform. You may have been using your business ISP for videoconferencing, voice calls, and online collaboration. As our reliance on remote tools continues to grow, ProConnect brings it all together for a seamless experience through your Consolidated Communications business WiFi service.


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