How to Choose a Video Conferencing Solution For Your Business

Author: Kelley Donald - MarCom/Wednesday, April 24, 2024/Categories: Unified Communications

Video conferencing solutions for businesses

The need for communication tools has steadily increased after remote work became a core part of many businesses in the past few years. Audio and video conferencing are the perfect way to improve teamwork by bringing people together and streamlining communication.

Video conferencing solutions each have their own set of features with advantages and disadvantages, depending on your business needs. So let’s dive into how video conferencing works and how to choose a video conferencing solution for your business.

Understanding Your Video Conferencing Needs

Before you consider a video conferencing solution for your business, you have to first understand what your business needs to improve communication. Purchasing the right plan with a reputable provider can save you a lot of money while getting the best service possible.

Here are the main points to consider for your business: 

Company Size: This lets you estimate how many people will be active during a video conference at any given time.

Meeting Types: It’s important to understand whether only one person or several are streaming their video at once. The quality of the conferencing audio and video is an important factor to consider here.

Call Frequency: The frequency and duration of calls matter a lot in the long run. Even if your calls are short, making multiple conferences a day can quickly add up.

Security Requirements: If you require extra security, considering a platform with encryption can greatly benefit your business.

Integration: If your company has UCaaS or CCaaS tools, integration can play a key role in picking a video conferencing solution to better fit your business.

Cost and Pricing: While getting a premium package can improve your business, focusing on spending only on what you need is crucial for success.

Device Compatibility: Ensure your video conferencing solution supports your team’s devices, like tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

Video Conferencing Solutions: Attributes To Consider

There are several attributes that contribute to a great experience during a video conference. You should consider each of them carefully before picking a solution.

Quality and Reliability: The core of every conference is its quality and stability. Whether you’re using a computer or smartphone, you need stability and reliability for high-quality calls.

Security and Privacy: Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your business is core to any meeting. End-to-end encryption goes a long way toward securing sensitive data during your conferences.

Ease of Use and Accessibility: An easy-to-use and accessible interface is crucial to allowing users without technical knowledge to join the conference from any device, like smartphones or laptops.

Integration: Optimizing your video conferencing solution by integrating it with other existing solutions like UCaaS and CCaaS can be invaluable for your business if you use a lot of email, calendars, and CRM systems.

Scalability: Video conferencing solutions offer great scalability options to accommodate more participants or additional features.

Support and Customer Service: The provider must be reputable with proper support for their tools and features, as well as having accessible customer service in case you have any issues.

What Consolidated Communications has to offer

Understanding how your business can benefit from video conferencing solutions can help you pick the best option for the right price. Another great way to improve your business is by picking the right provider.

Consolidated Communications is a reputable provider leading the cloud-based platform market with reliability and quality to improve your business productivity.


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