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The Benefits of Working with a Project Manager for Unified Communications

Thursday, August 20, 2015/Categories: Cloud Services, Unified Communications, Phone & VoIP, Hosted VoIP, Business

By now, most of us have used some form of GPS navigation. I have relied on GPS with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I have been led in circles, in the wrong direction, through the most tangled routes available and directly into traffic jams. Other times, I’ve been led directly to my destination viathe fastest, most efficient route possible. 

To be honest, when the trip doesn’t go as planned I am often more at fault than my GPS. First, I need to make sure the basics are covered. Do I have enough gas? Are my tires inflated? Are my mirrors adjusted? Then I need to do a little data entry into the GPS before I start driving. What is the specific address of my destination? Do I want my GPS to monitor for traffic and/or road construction? What are all of the available routes, and which one do I prefer? After a bit of preparation, the journey is typically uneventful. What does this GPS talk have to do with processing orders? Just as you rely on your GPS to get you to your desired destination, you can rely on a Project Manager (PM) to process your orders correctly and keep your project moving in the right direction. It is a huge benefit to work with a company that assigns a Project Manager to assist you through the post-sale process. The PM’s ultimate goal is to get your services installed as quickly as possible while remaining diligent in bringing you quality results.

Just as we all have to make basic preparations and inputs for the desired journey with the assistance of GPS, there are preparation requirements for your order request that will assist in making your installation quicker and easier. The first step a PM would take is obtaining an accurate idea of where you are heading. This includes initial conversations and design meetings, which include discussions on how much bandwidth is needed, how many users you have, and the kinds of services those users will need from you. Once the information is gathered, the PM has a basic idea of where you are going and begins filling in the details. They would ask you questions about your previous service provider, making sure that you don’t lose any needed features or functionality, and offer up additional considerations such as Toll Free Numbers, 911 Service, DID’s, IP Addressing, Email, Voicemail and Caller ID. Your PM will understand all the required components of your journey, from ordering equipment and working with underlying carriers to installing fiber and/or time needed for programming. 

With the PM’s assistance, you would collaborate on a delivery date and obtain commitment from the company. Once the timing and path to installation has been worked out, the PM serves as your resource to ensure the project is moving along in a timely manner and completed to your requirements.  

Sometimes, there will be bumps in the road. The PM stays on high alert for any issues and proactively reaches out to you. With your quick responsiveness and ongoing open conversations, the PM and your team will navigate through the unexpected. Your PM will synchronize everyone’s efforts throughout the process of implementation so that you can arrive at your destination of a quality, timely installation.  

Article courtesy of Madelyn Browne, Implementation Manager at Consolidated Communications

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