What is Fiber and Why is it so Important?

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The ancient Romans must have been particularly pleased when 2,000 years ago they invented the lead pipe. At last, they had an easy, efficient way to carry water from one place to another. Less digging, fewer hassles and more time to focus on more important things.

Two millennia later, fiber optics technology is a way to send information coded in a beam of light down a glass or plastic pipe. It was originally developed for endoscopes in the 1950s to help doctors see inside the human body without having to cut it open first. In the 1960s, engineers found a way of using the same technology to transmit telephone calls. A fiber-optic cable is made up of incredibly thin strands of glass or plastic known as optical fibers; one cable can have as few as two strands or as many as several hundred. Each strand is less than a tenth as thick as a human hair and can carry something like 25,000 telephone calls, so an entire fiber-optic cable can easily carry several million calls transmitted at the speed of light (186,000 miles or 300,000 km per second).1.

Fiber is important for your business as it adds the benefits of speed and reliability by gaining access to lightning-fast, stable and affordable business internet service.

Add Power to Your Business with Fiber Optics
Fiber connectivity opens the door to an expanded array of services, like cloud and disaster recovery solutions. If increased growth and improved efficiencies are part of your business goals, then fiber is the solution you need to power up your business.

Join Other Businesses in Your Area that are Benefiting from the Gigabit Speeds CCI Fiber+ Offers
As a leading fiber provider in the U.S., spanning across 11 states nationwide, CCI operates more than 13,500 fiber route miles of self-healing, physically diverse fiber network. CCI is extending its fiber network in both Texas and Minnesota! Our newly expanded service areas now include Katy, The Woodlands and Greenville Texas; and Burnsville, Minnesota. Enjoy the benefits that CCI Fiber+ has to offer your business:

  • Faster, symmetrical speeds – Gigabit speeds available
  • Dedicated Internet – unlike DSL and Cable, your service is not shared, it’s all yours
  • Wifi functionality to enable wireless connectivity with unlimited data usage
  • Access to cloud-based services like Unified Communications, Data Protection, Cloud Compute and Cloud Wifi
  • Quicker uploads and downloads of large data files and images
  • Scalability – we’ll grow with you as your needs change
  • 24/7 local support backed by 100+ years of experience

Contact Consolidated Communications today to see if your business is fiber-ready.

1Source:  http://www.explainthatstuff.com/fiberoptics.html


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