The IT Professional’s Holiday Wish List

Author: Julie Foster - MarCom/Thursday, October 13, 2016/Categories: Tech Gadgets

From Parrot Drones to PlayStations, there are gadgets galore on the store shelves this year—all designed to make even the choosiest tech master’s holiday dreams come true. When you make your list, check it twice be sure one of these items is under the tree:


Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap: This is a standalone Bluetooth speaker. The cool thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be paired with any device. All you need to do is speak into it – the Alexa Voice Service will read out the news and/or weather reports, as well as play music from Spotify or Prime Music in a Wi-Fi environment.


AirDog Drone

AirDog Auto Follow Drone: This drone follows you everywhere, whether you are cycling, snowboarding, skiing on snow or water. It is perfect when you want a video of yourself doing awesome stuff, and the drone kit fits neatly into your suitcase.

Swagway Smart Board

Swagway X1 Hands Free Smart Board: This is a hover board, but not just any hover board. Released in late 2015, it went on to become the most popular in its category. It weighs just 26 lbs. and has a top speed of 10 mph.

RIF6 Cube

RIF6 Cube: It turns your mobile display into a 120-inch screen. Now you can play movies or stream YouTube videos and everyone can see them on the big screen. The only other requirement for this smartphone projector is a blank wall.

Parrot Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone 2: The Bebop, which released in 2015, was good; and so Parrot made it better. The Bebop 2 looks exactly the same – only it isn’t. The frame has been re-engineered to make it stronger, but without increasing the weight.

Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker: None of the cheap espresso makers in the market generate any great espressos. Nespresso turns that notion on its head with the Pixie, which is small enough to fit comfortably on a table and yet deliver a great espresso like you have never tasted before.

Logitech Harmony Home Control: This connects with over 270,000 devices, so you can get rid of all your remotes and use just one instead for everything, including the TV, lights, blue-ray player, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku et al.

TrackR StickR: The size of a quarter, it can be stuck to anything. The next time you’re missing your car key, launch the companion app on your smartphone and the StickR attached to your car key starts beeping. It also works the other way around – if you misplace your phone, activating the StickR causes your phone to ring, even if it has been placed in the silent mode.

iClever Wireless Keyboard: Now you no longer need lug around your laptop. You can just take your tablet and this foldable keyboard (it folds at two places and the width is effectively reduced to the third of a normal keyboard, which makes it a great choice when traveling) will connect to it via Bluetooth.

PlayStation VR: The Oculus Rift is more advanced, but it isn’t a Sony product, meaning the PlayStation VR is a better choice if you want to experience mind blowing games – only these can keep the excitement alive long after you have purchased the headset. The Oculus Rift connects only to your PC, and PlayStation games are way superior to PC games.


However, not everything the IT professional wants is available on Black Friday. When the excitement of the holidays is over, IT professionals long for a provider that keeps their business running smoothly, consistently and within budget the other 364 days of the year. We make those wishes come true at Consolidated Communications!


Consolidated offers a reliable network that drives business forward. With solid speeds and consistent uptimes, we help IT departments shine every day of the year. We never giftwrap solutions you don’t need or want. Our knowledgeable, professional staff reviews every wish on business’s list, providing you with solutions that fit just right, where and when you need them.  And, you won’t break your budget with Consolidated Communications. Our services are scalable so that they don’t stretch beyond your business size – they grow right along with you. Contact Consolidated today and let us turn this year’s wishes into tomorrow’s solutions.


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