How to Measure Your SEO Performance

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how well your company website ranks on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs). When someone types keywords related to your business into Google’s search bar, you want to make sure your site shows up among the first few results of organic search. Learn More. 

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How You Can Mitigate Security Risks

Cybercrime has become a serious issue for executives, who are increasingly responsible for their companies’ overall “security postures.”

At its most basic, your security posture is the state of your company’s IT infrastructure, and your preparedness to protect it against potential attackers. Your security posture encompasses your people, processes, technology – software and hardware – and especially, your data. Finally – and most importantly – your company’s security posture also includes your capacity to adapt to ever-evolving threats in today’s risky digital universe. Learn more

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Are You Ready for The Next Generation? How to Prep for Gen Z in the Workplace

Just when Boomer and Gen X bosses thought they figured out the millennials, Gen Z is entering the workforce with a whole new set of needs and preferences. But there’s good news: Gen Z is probably more like Gen X in their ideals, which could make it easier for senior managers and business owners to relate to this cohort.

However, as the first generation of digital natives, the way this cohort works is unlike any generation prior. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and what makes them happy and comfortable can lead to a more engaged and productive workplace. 

Whether you run a restaurant or a retail store — or even if you’re a service provider in your community — these tips can help you get ready for gen z in the workplace. Learn More.

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How to Win Back Your Customers After a Crisis

Whether your company faced a PR crisis or a cyberattack that resulted in the theft of sensitive customer information, it’s crucial for a business to respond to a crisis immediately and openly.

HubSpot customer relationship management software bloggers identify five different types of business crises your company might face:

  • Financial (such as a drop in stock prices or asset valuation)
  • Personnel-related (such as diversity & inclusion issues caused by an individual, department, or group in the organization)
  • Organizational (often stems from exploiting consumers or not acting in their best interests)
  • Technological (such as a cyberattack resulting in a data breach)
  • Natural (such as destruction of your physical headquarters)

If you’re fighting back from a natural disaster, you can win your customer base back simply by providing the same customer service, responsiveness, and offerings you did before the crisis. Most of your recovery will take place internally, notably the rebuilding of your physical location and the technology that keeps your business running. A natural crisis, however, will often create additional financial, organizational, and technological crises. Your business must gather its forces to respond to each of these threats in the best way possible. Learn more. 

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Cyber Security: How to Keep your Business Safe from New and Current Cyber Threats

Cyber Security: How to Keep your Business Safe from New and Current Cyber Threats

In 2018, there were 812.67 million malware infections across the world. The number has been rising exponentially since 2009, which saw only 12.4 million attacks.

With the growing prevalence of unified communications and other cloud-based collaboration tools to help businesses stay productive with a partially remote workforce, cyber threats take on more significance than ever today. Since the coronavirus pandemic, cybercrime has risen by 600%, according to statistics from the SpiderLabs Blog.

Are you concerned about the cybersecurity of your business broadband and business Wifi service? Following some best practices can help you keep mission-critical data safe — both yours and that of your customers — while still utilizing all the collaboration tools that come with unified communications through your business ISP. Learn More. 

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