But Really, What Can the Cloud do for YOU?

There are a variety of cloud options available to individuals and businesses today. From private clouds to public clouds and even virtual private clouds, there is sure to be an option that will fit your needs for easy access to resources and to maintain your privacy. Which cloud option is right for you? Read on to find out. 

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Hosted VoIP: Talking in the Cloud

Consolidated Communications provides VoIP support for company technical support needs. Providing capabilities including VoIP experience, a qualified and experienced engineer team, VoIP certifications, an established platform, feature-rich offerings, and wide geographic coverage, Consolidated Communications is a name you can trust. Analyzing current growth, predicting future needs, proactive planning, and working with an established vendor capable of providing a wealth of services and a platform capable of meeting your current and coming requirements will benefit your company and growing VoIP demands. Contact Consolidated Communications today!

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Data Security in a Post-Target World

Asked why he robbed banks, Willie “The Actor” Sutton is reputed to have said “Because that’s where the money is.” The same logic may explain why hackers went after heavily protected customer data at Target: big challenge, big prize! In retrospect, Target’s logo now seems to have been the bull's-eye thieves went after looking for a monumental payday, but you don’t have to have tens of millions of customers’ credit cards and personal data to become the next ”target.” Here at Consolidated Communications we see lots of customers, both large and small, who face the same kind of risk. The asset can be company data, customer data, protected medical information, or third party information of all kinds. And the attack can occur via an in-house computer, the network, an unencrypted laptop, a phone or tablet, or even a customer device. We’ve seen attackers talk employees into giving out sensitive passwords and a penetration tester, who showed up dressed as a power company representative, was escorted into the computer room, and walked out with one of the company’s servers. Data security has never been more important than it is now, nor has it ever been harder to maintain. When your data storage is provided by Enventis, we work tirelessly to secure your data and prevent any telecommunication mishaps. 

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What You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery Planning

The term “disaster” gets tossed around rather loosely these days, but when it comes to IT operations it’s worth taking seriously. Major data loss can literally kill or cripple an organization. It can stop revenue flow and destroy customer trust. And, depending on the industry, it can create regulatory nightmares.

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Living Small- Data Center Virtualization

The demands on IT operations for applications, processing, storage, and reporting never stop growing, and when growth is measured in square feet, that can be costly. Fortunately, increasing capability doesn’t necessarily require corresponding growth in data center size. In fact, it may be possible to shrink the facility even while capacity expands, reducing costs of power and cooling along with “real estate” requirements.

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