What's in the U.S. Small Business Rescue Program?

The United States government launched the U.S. Small Business Rescue Program to help business owners with up to 500 employees pay their operating expenses if their business closed as a result of shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The program exhausted the first round of funding with unprecedented speed. On Thursday, April 23, the House passed a bill, previously passed by the Senate, to add another $484 billion worth of funding for coronavirus relief. A total of $310 billion of that is going to the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). The president signed the bill into law on Friday, April 24.

According to the SBA's website, the Paycheck Protection Program officially resumes today (Monday, April 27). As such, qualifying businesses can once again begin applying for federal funding.

Like the first relief fund, the new money will go to help businesses struggling to pay rent, payroll, and other operational expenses during the pandemic. Learn more.

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Tools and Solutions to Enhance the Remote Work Experience

With so much of the workforce operating out of home offices right now, it’s important to maintain a sense of connection with colleagues and co-workers. Fortunately, technology can make that easier. Here are seven must-have tools for a more productive remote work experience. Learn More.

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How to Organize Remote Meetings from Home

If you’re working from home like most of the country right now, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be tasked with organizing meetings. Whether it’s a planned weekly check-in with your team or a spontaneous meeting to discuss constantly changing situations, you can lead with authority and confidence if you know how to organize remote meetings following these steps. Read More.

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Tips for Making the Best Out of Working from Home

Whether you’ve decided to launch a work-from-home business after being laid off or you’re lucky enough to keep your job, albeit working remotely, during the COVID-19 pandemic, no doubt it’s been a transition — both physically and mentally. Read more.

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How to Help Remote Workers Feel Connected in your Small Business

If your organization relies on remote workers, follow these tips to help improve a sense of connectivity between your on-site and remote team members.

As technological innovations are changing the way businesses operate, they are also changing the way employees work. Gone are the days when workers had to be physically present in the company’s office to tackle their responsibilities; more and more companies are embracing remote work arrangements. In fact, an estimated 4.3 million people in the U.S. work remotely at least half of the time, an increase of 140 percent over the number of remote workers in 2005. Learn More.

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