Connectivity Is the New Backbone of Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic challenges have accelerated the healthcare ecosystem's need to grow. As we move into the future, healthcare organizations will evaluate new ways to leverage the digital healthcare ecosystem to reduce overall costs and expand the patient experience. In this article, we explore how technology innovation in healthcare has enormous potential to deliver a personalized and integrated patient experience, increasing provider productivity, engaging caregivers and improving outcomes and cost savings. Learn more.

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Microsoft 365: Can Your Business Benefit?

CCI can help you maximize a hosted Suite of Microsoft Productivity solutions to help drive your business forward. Learn more.


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SD-WAN Simplified: Using SD-WAN to Reduce Network Costs

If your business relies on multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to route network traffic efficiently, you may be able to significantly reduce your network costs by implementing software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN.) But, that doesn’t mean you need to completely replace your existing network infrastructure.

In fact, most organizations that choose to implement SD-WAN opt for a hybrid SD-WAN and MPLS solution, keeping some MPLS connections. And they still reduce their network costs, up to 40 percent in some cases! Learn more.


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6 SD-WAN Trends at a Glance

Digital Business Transformation has increased the urgency for transforming the WAN.  Download this infographic to learn more about the trends to watch while determining if a move to SD-WAN is right for your business.

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SD-WAN Simplified: Leveraging SD-WAN to Avoid or Mitigate Outages

No matter what type of business your IT function supports, network outages are never acceptable. When employees, contractors, and others users rely on cloud-based applications and solutions to meet business needs, network outages can be more than just painful; they can actually cripple the business.

Implementing Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), and adding a circuit with a service level agreement on a separate network can help your organization reduce risk, ensure business continuity, and limit or even avoid the detrimental effects of unplanned downtime altogether. Learn more.

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